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Whats wrong with me ?

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BeTheHokeyMan Wed 02-Apr-14 10:02:12

I hope someone could help me out here-feeling extremely fustrated at the moment

Basically several months ago i started to develop what appeared to be signs of a kidney infection/bladder infection/uti -burning and pain in back and side after urination ,cold shivers and extreme fatigue.Had several urine samples tested and all came back negative but had some traces of blood.The pain is almost constant now -mildly nagging pain all day and after i wee horrific pain in my back ,right side and radiating in my front.Also it burns and stings inside after i wee. Ive also noticed ive started to leak urine throughout the day .

I went to see my GP and was referred to a scan clinic -they scanned my kidneys ,bladder,liver (they said i had fat around my liver) and gall bladder-all seemed fine.I also had an xray to see if i had stones and nothing showed up.I also had a full pelvic scan as i have been experiencing horrific period pains in the last 6 months -pains down to my knees and up my bum.

Pelvic exam showed a tilted womb( they said that having three children might have done this as there is no notes in my medical history of this before).

I have a history of ovarian cysts and fibroids in my womb.

So basically i was told they dont know what it could be -im in pain everyday all i want to do is sleep and i feel that people will think im lying as nothing obvious has shown up sad

hiddenhome Wed 02-Apr-14 19:12:51

I think that you need to see a urologist. It does sound kidney related. Not all infections show up on routine analysis.

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