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dh symptoms - any ideas?

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route1 Tue 01-Apr-14 21:08:17

For months now dh has been getting numbness in his left foot/toes and itching on the sole of the foot. At the same time he has been getting 'floaters' in his right eye. He had a sight test recently and the vision in his right eye had deteriorated so much from the previous test a year ago that the optician referred him to the local eye hospital for further investigations (appt in 3 weeks).

He has had a fasting blood test to check for diabetes and it came back normal. GP said he would do a Glucose Tolerance test if dh wanted it but in his opinion the symptoms aren't linked to diabetes.

Any ideas of what else could be causing these symptoms?

Paloma12 Tue 01-Apr-14 21:10:48

Hasn't he been referred to a neurologist? These all sound like neurological symptoms.

route1 Tue 01-Apr-14 21:14:39

No mention of referral from the GP, said he thought numbness might be due to compression - tight shoes or somesuch. DH pointed out that feet are numb in the morning after rest so no compression, gp didn't have any explanation of that.

another symptom I forgot to mention - veins are varicose around the left ankle (but not on right ankle)

PotOfYoghurt Tue 01-Apr-14 21:17:05

Yes please do get a referral to see a neurologist as soon as possible- these can be quite common symptoms of neuro disorders, and a swift diagnosis is important.

On the other hand it can be something completely unrelated, but it's really not worth taking the risk so please get your DH referred ASAP.

Paloma12 Tue 01-Apr-14 21:17:43

The symptoms could be connected (but I hasten to add, I am NOT a doctor). Eye problems and numbness can be a sign of certain conditions. Don't panic though - could be two separate, relatively minor things. Floaters are very common. I would ask to be referred to a neurologist.

route1 Tue 01-Apr-14 21:21:05

Thanks so much - the GP doesn't seem keen to refer anywhere for some reason but I suppose when dh goes to the eye hospital they might be able to refer him on?

Paloma12 Tue 01-Apr-14 21:24:11

The eye hospital should be able to have a good look at his optic nerve, and see whether that is the problem. If it is, this indicates he MIGHT have a neurological problem. To be honest, though, I'd go back to the GP and insist on a neuro referral anyway.

PotOfYoghurt Tue 01-Apr-14 21:36:41

I would go back to GP and insist on a neuro referral as well- it could take quite a few weeks depending on if your GP sends it through as an urgent referral or not (I once had an 'emergency' neuro referral that could have taken up to 4 weeks confused ).

FabULouse Wed 02-Apr-14 07:53:59

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