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DH has a very painful testicle (not an April Fool's Joke)

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MrsMarigold Tue 01-Apr-14 09:14:04

He is limping and is in a lot of pain, DS jumped on him a few days ago but he says it is getting worse. Sorry if TMI but I looked and there is no bruising or anything visible.

He is as stubborn as the proverbial mule and won't go to the GP but has anyone had a similar experience and how long did it take to clear. He was going to cycle today until I pointed out that it might exacerbate the issue but it woke him up at 4am it was so sore.

Sparkeleigh Tue 01-Apr-14 09:24:55

Get him to the Dr ASAP.. If it's been twisted he could end up losing it. That should perhaps encourage him to go!

Sorry if that sounds frightening, but it's possible.

Rule of thumb - if pain is bad enough to wake you in the night, it's serious.

If the testicle is twisted, the blood supply could be cut off. He'll need to get it checked out, ASAP.

It's not uncommon, I know two blokes this has happened to.

TheFuzz Tue 01-Apr-14 12:18:01

He needs to go in to the GP. A torsion is a medical emergency, and if not sorted within an hour, he will lose it. If this is the case it's likely gone too far.

Certainly needs to go in - if the pain is that bad I'd go to A&E to be sure.

I've had to go in twice following my 'snip' due to pain, and once after further surgery as we thought mine might be dying off. I've even had to go and pay for my own ultrasound after the snip I was in so much pain.

More minor things could be epididymitis, which is often caused by infection, but is also caused by vasectomy (if he's had one).

Also could easily be bad bruising.

GP or A&E NOW !!

I unfortunately have this sort of pain all the time, but mine is scar tissue following surgeries. I've got my follow up later today, so it's looking I'll be getting one chopped off !

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