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Ulcers much pain can they cause?

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Fluffy101 Mon 31-Mar-14 20:27:03

This is for my Dh who the doctor thinks may have an ulcer. He has put him on omerprazole Whilst aving more blood tests to rule out anything sinister Since he examined him last week he has been in agony with pain in his tummy, is this normal with an ulcer ...not nice seeing a grown man crying in pain sad

littlejo67 Tue 01-Apr-14 12:20:37

i have just had an endoscopy for severe stomach pain and they found erosions which is the first stage of an ulcer. They also suspect gallstones, therefore to be on the safe side your DP should be having further tests. I am also waiting for the results of a CT scan to check for other reasons.
The pain and nausea was so bad that i lost 2 stone in weight. I also cried with the pain, for me it happened mostly in the evenings and at night. my bloods came back fine but Dr is very proactive. Hopefully your DS doc will be the same and not just give him acid inhibitors long term. I also have an app with a gastro consultant as a follow up to the endoscopy.

CrohnicallyChanging Wed 02-Apr-14 21:38:14

I have Crohn's disease which first manifested as an ulcerated small intestine. I went to A and E and was admitted with suspected appendicitis. Every time I ate, I was in absolute agony (as in unable to walk) and needed both codeine and morphine to numb the pain. Like littlejo it was worse in the evening, presumably because I had been eating all day which aggravated the ulcers, and overnight when i wasn't eating they were recovering a little. So yeah, ulcers can be pretty painful!

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