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Should I settle for IBS or ask for more tests..?

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smee Mon 31-Mar-14 19:01:37

I have low level naggy intermittent menstrual type pains, but am post menopausal. Menopause came early and triggered by chemo for breast cancer, so am naturally paranoid about any new health niggle. GP was brilliant, said he thought it was IBS due to feeling lots of gas pressure in abdomen referred me for full bloods, plus ultrasound abdo and pelvic (had internal too). Nothing found (yay!) other than lots of gas blush, so GP says that confirms IBS. Just wondering if anyone has any wisdom on whether I should leave it at that, or ask for any further tests? Am not even sure what they might be..!

PoshPenny Mon 31-Mar-14 22:22:00

Read the NICE guidelines and see what you think.

have you tried removing gluten and dairy to see if that cuts down on your ahem gas production?

smee Tue 01-Apr-14 10:35:16

Hi PoshPenny. Thanks for the link. I've looked at it before and yes I do think I tick lots of IBS boxes. The problem really is having had cancer once worry any new health problem is recurrence. So rationally it's pretty clear it's IBS. Irrationally though and also as a non medic I wonder if there could be some other cause. Really I just want to know if ultrasound/ bloods are forensic enough. Does that make any sense?! IBS tbh is a good result and was a huge relief to hear!

I've tried removing gluten and dairy. Does sort of help, but charcoal tablets have been the best thing.

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