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Taking Plaquenil for Lupus, some erm... unpleasant side effects.

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Ziggyzoom Sat 29-Mar-14 19:37:01

Basically I have explosive wind and associated pain and slight diarrhoea. I am really keen to keep going with the medication as I am desperate for something to cure my aching joints! I've only been taking it for 3 days, so will I get used to it? Has anyone made dietary changes that have helped?

Shosha1 Sat 29-Mar-14 19:39:16

I take it for the same reason , can't say that I had your side effects, but it has been a saviour for me.

I have been taking it since 2006 and it had helped no end.

Only thing I did find was I can't eat/drink to much citrus, oh and wine makes my hands really sore

Ziggyzoom Sat 29-Mar-14 19:40:17

Oh no! I can't stay off wine! wink

Shosha1 Sat 29-Mar-14 19:48:49

In fact I have up drinking totally for a couple of years and still don't drink much now. If I do drink it's usually something in a long glass with lots if mixer.

Getting dehydrated just makes me feel worse, almost as if all my muscles have been ' scrunched'

Ziggyzoom Sat 29-Mar-14 20:03:11

TBH I could do with drinking less. I'm so exhausted by the end of the day it is all too east to reach for the wine to kill the pain. If this treatment works it shouldn't be too difficult to cut down.
I'm on 2x200mg which will reduce to 1x200mg after 4 weeks, so perhaps that will help.

Shosha1 Sat 29-Mar-14 20:07:54

Im back on 2x200mg, and 600mg of Edodolac, plus codiene and paracetamol, as and when

The tiredness is a killer, but I was diagnosed over 12 years ago now, and I still manage to work (Im a nanny), but have gone to term time only care, so that I have the holidays to rest.

I do find by the time end of term comes I am completely floored.

Ziggyzoom Sun 30-Mar-14 18:24:11

Thanks shosha. I'm trying not to get my hopes up and I realise it will take a while to kick in, but it is reassuring to hear positive stories.

Another question - I've been prescribed factor 50 sun cream to wear every day. It didn't occur to me until after, but do people take vitamin D supplements? I don't want to end up with rickets! wink

Shosha1 Mon 31-Mar-14 15:58:53

I've never taken any, never thought about it to be honest.

But then I have skin that never used to burn so only use factor 50 if I'm actually out in the sun in the summer

I just use a factor 15 moisturiser on my face in the winter, but I do where a big straw hat in the summer, shade my face completely ( and my shoulders )

Cocolepew Mon 31-Mar-14 16:03:56

I take vit D and flakseed oil, the flaxseed will help if you have dry eyes.
Ive been on Plaqunil since the end of January and the side effects aren't too bad . I do find Im a bit more bloated and windy after eating something's, but Im ridiculously allergic to loads of things now . It has really helped the tiredness and pains in my hands.

Ive gone gluten free and it made a big difference too .

Ziggyzoom Mon 31-Mar-14 22:09:14

I did ask whether factor 50 was really necessary as I use moisturisers with SPF15. The consultant explained that lupus can be triggered by UVA which comes from artificial lights and penetrates through glass. Normal creams with SPF15 etc only protect against UVB.

thanks coco for the tip re flaxseed. I have one problem eye, so will give it a whirl.

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