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Icantstopeatinglol Sat 29-Mar-14 18:24:46

Just after some advice, what's the best painkillers you've used for arthritis pains? I'm in the middle of a bad flare up and I'm on Etodolac (anti inflammatries) and I've taken codeine and paracetamol and it's just not touching it sad( My thumb is the worst!! I'm feeling the urge to pull it off its so sore (joking but think it would be less painful!).
Any advice would be very much appreciated!!

WannaSplitAPineapple Sat 29-Mar-14 18:40:26

Naproxen works for me but when its bad in my thumb I find the best thing is to wear a wrist support. The type that have the metal piece that sits under your wrist and has Velcro across the top. It gives a little extra support and I can't use it as easily so it allows me to rest it.

Icantstopeatinglol Sat 29-Mar-14 18:44:02

Thanks wanna I've only got codeine and tramadol at the minute. Obviously don't take them together. Could I get that from my gp if I request it? I'm in agony with it all at the minute.

Icantstopeatinglol Sat 29-Mar-14 18:47:23

....sorry, I meant the naproxen. I'm assuming I would get the wrist support from my rheumatologist?

Babiecakes91 Sat 29-Mar-14 18:50:37

I take cocodamol and tramadol together as my gp told me to when it's a bad day as I need to be Mobile for my ds who's 2 and had autism.

storynanny Sat 29-Mar-14 18:59:43

I have arthritis quite badly in both knees and have found voltarol gel to give more pain relief than tablets. I also have rubbed it on my one arthritic knuckle. Obv pain hasnt gone completely but def improved. Naproxen codeine etc were no good and tramadol made me comatose

Icantstopeatinglol Sat 29-Mar-14 19:00:00

Thanks babiecakes I assumed you couldn't take codeine and tramadol together? I've got a dd3 and ds6 and having to take codeine just to take the edge off my feet so I can walk without being in agony!
So fed up with it at the minute. So jealous of people who go about without any of this!

fairbalance Sat 29-Mar-14 19:47:58

I have arthritis and I have worked on clinical trials for naproxen. It useless for severe bony pain you are better off on Etodolac which I think is a Cox 2 Inhibitor. My GP also said I could take codeine and tramadol together on a bad day too.

fairbalance Sat 29-Mar-14 19:56:25

Yes double checked Ethodolac is a Cox 2 Inhibitor that is far more effective than Naproxen. I take Celebrex which is also a Cox 2 Inhibitor. I would not touch Naproxen with severe arthritis you may as well swallow smarties! Plus smarties taste better and its yummy chocolate mmmm

Icantstopeatinglol Sat 29-Mar-14 20:27:48

I'm already taking etodolac tho and have been for about a year. Think without it I'd be bed bound to be honest!
So I'm currently on etodolac, paracetamol and codeine and still in a lot of pain. Tho I'm sure it would be worse without them sad

fairbalance Sat 29-Mar-14 20:36:22

See if your GP will prescribe Tramadol. I take Tramadol when its bad and codeine day to day plus my Cox 2 Inhibitor. Also buy from the chemist some Elma local anaesthetic cream that really eases my ankle too.

fairbalance Sat 29-Mar-14 20:40:59

My GP prescribed Movalat cream I renamed it doesntdoalot! However a GP friend said my arthritis was too severe for that and Elma cream was better.

Kormachameleon Sat 29-Mar-14 20:43:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Icantstopeatinglol Sat 29-Mar-14 20:49:00

Thanks fairbalance I've got some tramadol but wary about using it cos I'm alone with my dc and I've already taken codeine.

Icantstopeatinglol Sat 29-Mar-14 20:50:43

Thanks fairbalance I've got some tramadol but wary about using it cos I'm alone with my dc and I've already taken codeine.

fairbalance Sat 29-Mar-14 20:59:33

You should be fine taking it if Tramadol on its own does not give you side effects. I find Tramadol better than Codeine when my ankle is very bad. I think you taken the wrong pain killer today. Definitely try some Elma Cream though that really helps.

Icantstopeatinglol Sat 29-Mar-14 21:17:32

Thanks, I'll be going looking for Elma cream tomorrow! smile

korma you have my sympathy, I'm struggling to relieve the pain I'm currently in. Thing is my joints are hot so I don't want to put more heat on and cold hurts my joints too so feel like in stuck with the whole hot/cold treatment.
Think I'll try tramadol tomorrow once dh is around to help with the kids.

CalamitouslyWrong Sat 29-Mar-14 21:21:50

I take naproxen (my stomach couldn't cope with etodolac), paracetamol and nefopam for arthritis. I sometimes take codeine, but it doesn't really agree with me. I couldn't get on with tramadol at all. Actually I'm not sure nefopam agrees with me much either, but it's less likely to make me vomit than codeine or tramadol.

fairbalance Sat 29-Mar-14 21:31:47

If you are Facebook this arthritis group is good lots of them use local anaesthetic cream like Elma too. You can get a bigger tube on prescription. Its prescribed off license a Pain Clinic recommended I try. It really does help

FanFuckingTastic Sat 29-Mar-14 21:46:50

I've taken codeine and tramadol together for bad arthritis pain. Anti-inflammatories are good too, so long as they don't bother any other bits of your body - I react to them pretty badly. A steroid injection might help a bit, I get them when things are bad, and I use heat and cold for pain also.

sashh Sun 30-Mar-14 09:03:28

I have tramadol in the morning and cocodamol with naproxen in the evening.

I also have hot baths, camomile tea and a very expensive mattress.

But when I have a flare up the only thing that really helps is a steroid injection.

fairbalance Sun 30-Mar-14 22:05:48

How are you today OP?

Icantstopeatinglol Sun 30-Mar-14 22:47:53

Hi fairbalance, not too bad today thanks. Still in pain but I've resorted to wine to help tonight ha!
Straight on the phone to the hospital tomorrow. My feet are knackered and my hands are going the same way. Think I'm heading for a steroid injection in my thumb, it's so swollen and I'm scared of the damage the inflammation is causing.

fairbalance Sun 30-Mar-14 23:08:58

At least you a bit better today. I hope you get the steroid injection sorted out.

Icantstopeatinglol Thu 03-Apr-14 17:33:31

Hi, just an update. I'm going for a steroid injection tomorrow as my consultant appt isn't until 19th may! I've rang to ask if they really thought it was wise for me to take tramadol for the next 6wks and all of a sudden they want me in for an injection.
Why does everything feel like a huge battle just to not be in pain!

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