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First period after baby

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Christelle2207 Fri 28-Mar-14 15:16:37

Hi- probably not the best place to post this but....
Ds now 8 months. Stopped bf about 5 weeks ago. Have had crampy period like pains for ages (november-ish) but no sign of period until this week. This week Ive had very light bloody discharge - probably a teaspoon - every other day! Is this the beginning of my first pp period? Anyone had similar? Have felt all week like I'm about to come on, though have had intermittent cramps for months. Mentioned to gp and she was completely unhelpful and said my body would sort itself eventually. Done pg tests so definitely not pg- though part of my frustration is that I want to start trying for dc 2 soon (because it took ages last time). TIA!

lovetheseasons1 Fri 28-Mar-14 15:44:07

Sorry I don't have the answer but was wanting to know people's thoughtson this as DD now 5 months and no period yet for me. I'm ebf. Hope you get a sign either way soon! smile

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