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Please play doctors with me: prolonged, localised pain in lower a bruise. Any ideas?

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jessthefletch Thu 27-Mar-14 18:54:56

So, for the past year i have sometimes noticed an ache in a very small, specific place on my thigh. But, I have had pelvic issues for years and used to put this thigh business down to referred pain.

That was all sorted out by the chiropractor and this additional pain came and went. But this week the thigh pain has returned on and off and is really quite strong. I went for a long walk today and it was sore (in that precise place) but not enough to stop me from walking with the pram. What's weird is that I've come home tonight and it is very sore now and bruised.

I will be taking myself off to the doctors about it but not sure if it warrants an emergency appointment first thing or if I should just book in which would mean I might have to wait a week or so?

What would you do? Ta in advance btw.

SKYTVADDICT Thu 27-Mar-14 18:57:11

Can you feel any lumps? Sounds similar to what I have/had - gp said it is a vein! You should definitely get it checked out though

jessthefletch Thu 27-Mar-14 19:03:56

Thanks for replying! No, no lumps but is really soft and looks swollen in comparison to the other side. I'm just a bit worried as I was on the pil for years and they used to really labour the DVT thing. Was your's ok? Do you think I should check it tomorrow?

SKYTVADDICT Thu 27-Mar-14 20:51:34

I probably would as you could worry all weekend and DVts are Obviouy serious. Mine vein still hurts and bruises on and off

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