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Is this just my wisdom teeth? (mums away so need advice)

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PenelopePitstops Thu 27-Mar-14 16:54:04

Wisdom teeth are coming without a doubt.

Today I have been aching all over to the point it hurt to walk. I have that horrible infection taste/smell in the back of my mouth, a slightly sore throat and a slight temperature.

Is this just teething or something more serious?

PenelopePitstops Thu 27-Mar-14 18:24:54

Bump please help!

stleger Thu 27-Mar-14 18:39:34

It sounds nasty, like a tonsil/throat infection.
My daughter had problems with infections when she was getting wisdom teeth - the dentist seemed to diagnose it by checking if she could 'open wide'. Not being able to 'open wide' meant it was the teeth.
Is there somebody with you? The only thing I can suggest for throat or teeth is to gargle with warm water and some salt.sad

PenelopePitstops Thu 27-Mar-14 19:10:55

Thanks, I can open my mouth so think it must be the throat rather than teeth. Will sleep and drink water and hope it improves.

chickensaresafehere Thu 27-Mar-14 19:14:07

When I was a dental nurse(a few years back now!!) we always recommended gargling with corsodyl mouthwash.
Have you seen a dentist to check they're coming through ok & not impacted??

stleger Thu 27-Mar-14 19:41:54

DD1 says diflam spray is good to stop the pain a bit, or gargle with aspirin in warm water if there is no pharmacy nearby. (I googled the aspirin one, as I have never heard of that, it seems OK).

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