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Erm...wet farts

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whethergirl Wed 26-Mar-14 12:05:49

This morning, my stomach is making a few weird grumbling noises (lower down than normal stomach grumbles) and I've been doing wet farts - which is a first for me.

I've only had porridge this morning (as usual). A couple of days ago I ate something that was a bit off (vegetable dish) but that wouldn't be it, would it?

Anyway, obviously if it continues I'll go to the docs, but meanwhile, any advice as to how I can stop the wet farts??! I can hold it in, but I do have to go out and about today and not sure how well I'll cope with movement.

hashtagwhatever Wed 26-Mar-14 12:26:34

Peppermint tea is good for the bowels?

whethergirl Wed 26-Mar-14 12:34:20

Thanks hashtag I do have some in the cupboard that I forgot all about.

hashtagwhatever Wed 26-Mar-14 12:52:49

Imodium if you need to go out and worried about needing the loo urgently

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