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thistimeofthemonth Wed 26-Mar-14 05:44:54

Just been diagnosed - picking up the antibiotics today - anyone any idea how long you can have this without showing any symptoms?

Twinkletron Wed 26-Mar-14 05:59:23

Some people never have symptoms do years I guess? hmm

LastOneDancing Wed 26-Mar-14 06:07:00

Years apparently. I guess the worst case scenario would be the first time you had sex without a condom with someone who wasn't a virgin.

What's your main concern OP? Do you want to try and work out who it came from, or are you worried about fertility?

thistimeofthemonth Wed 26-Mar-14 06:30:46

Were it came from really - too old for more children. I have a fair idea who just the telling is going to be difficult. Do you know if its picked up in a routine smear?

LastOneDancing Wed 26-Mar-14 06:49:36

In my experience - No.
You have to ask for the test, or you might be offered one as part of your smear, but it's not done as routine.

I know its clutching at straws but can you recall any past partners complaining of soreness after newly DTD? That can be a sign of new infection in men?

thistimeofthemonth Wed 26-Mar-14 11:35:22

No I've only had a couple partners in the last couple of years and a ONS a year or so before that. No one has complained but my latest partner has cheated on his wife while married so wouldn't be totally surprised if it was him!

Luck for me as I said earlier too old for the fertility aspect to worry me and it was picked up when I was complaining about my fibriods getting bigger so no real symptoms.

Now to tell the man he has to get tested!

LastOneDancing Wed 26-Mar-14 12:02:28

Letting them know is horrible, but the nurse said to me (as I was sobbing that lovely new bloke was going to dump me), that unless you're virgins either of you can unknowingly bring an STI into the mix. Women tend to get the unpleasant task if delivering the news because they look after their health better.

Hope it goes ok and not too awkward for you. (Lovely man is now my DH, so worked out ok here)

thistimeofthemonth Wed 26-Mar-14 15:57:09

Had to let him know via text - not seeing him tonight, he's away until late - the worse way possible but it gave him the opportunity to get an appointment at the doctors before the weekend.

So far silence!

LastOneDancing Wed 26-Mar-14 18:01:32

Maybe he's crapping himself that he'd given it to his ex-wife via OW and might need to tell her?

Don't let him blame you - he's responsible for his own sexual health. If he hasn't used condoms with you its unlikely he did with OW.

I'd also recommend get yourself rechecked in a few months OP - while no doubt you'll take your ABs religiously, if your DP doesn't finish the course or forgets a few he can end up re-infecting you.

thistimeofthemonth Wed 26-Mar-14 18:09:15

Thanks for the concern re the antibiotics - its only one dose of two tablets so not too hard to forget!

The affair was about 15 years ago so not sure he is even in contact with either or. Was having doubts about the relationship anyway so depending on his reaction will make me make up my mind! I won't be blamed for this seen as could have had serious consequences if I was younger.

Anyone had any side effects - the leaflet says about feeling sick, and stomach upsets?

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