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How to I reintroduce caffeine?

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sharond101 Tue 25-Mar-14 22:02:04

I am caffeine free. Drink decaffeinated tea and fruit squash. I started to do this when I was in hospital 10 years ago and they only used decaffeinated tea bags and because my sleep was terrible. Now I only need to have a tiny amount of anything with caffeine (e.g cola) and I am awake all night. No exaggeration I do not sleep at all. It is so inconvenient. When you go out for the night I never know what to have to drink (don't do alcohol either) and my job sees me in different places everyday with people asking "WOuld yo like a tea or a coffee" and me reluctantly turning it down every time even though I'd love one or even worse handing over my decaff tea bag. So how do I go about reintroducing it. I'd love a can of diet coke or to say yes to that cup of tea.

AntoinetteCosway Tue 25-Mar-14 22:09:11

I think in your situation I'd just stick to decaff and avoid the caffeine headaches and sleeplessness! I regret going back to caffeine after my last pregnancy. This time round I'm planning to stay on decaff.

If you really want to introduce it though, why not start with one cup of caffeinated tea with breakfast and see how that affects you?

TwentyFourteen Tue 25-Mar-14 22:09:12

Just wondering why you would want to re introduce caffeine if you won't be able to sleep? Also I thought decaf drinks still have small amounts of caffeine. Anyway I usually ask for a herbal tea if I can't have decaf a suggestion if its the social aspect you are thinking about.

sixlive Tue 25-Mar-14 22:09:24

Decaf tea, decaf coffee, caffeine free coke so you don't need to. I have one real coffee at 7am that doesn't interfere with my sleep anymore or much later it does. I think some of us are v sensitive to caffeine.

BigPawsBrown Wed 26-Mar-14 00:08:03

It used to have that effect on me after three years off it and I, too, wanted to be able to drink it socially and at work without it affecting my sleep. I literally started with a mouthful of tea and worked up from there! I had a latte at 7pm yday and still slept grin

Be wary that insomnia is psychological. If you had a coke now you might think you won't sleep so don't as anxious etc...

sharond101 Wed 26-Mar-14 13:12:25

Yes it's the social aspect and I hate herbal teas and tell me a pub or restaurant that sells caffeine free cola. I get the psychological aspect but really I don't think it plays a huge part for me. A few weeks ago I had a cup of team at my Mum's (she buys me decaff) at noon and I didn't sleep at all that night. When I spoke to her the next day she said she had used the same teabag for us both by accident in a hurry, I didn't know that obviously so no psychology there.

BigPawsBrown Wed 26-Mar-14 13:33:18

Ah yes you've passed a blind trial! So start with a mouthful and go from there...

Alpacacino Wed 26-Mar-14 15:55:00

I was not used to caffeine - a can of coke would make my heart race and also meant a sleepless night. I used the sleepless- night- effect a few times for work, and built up a bit of a tolerance. But a cup of coffee still makes me nauseous and jittery. That's after a few years!
So I think you might just be very sensitive, and not be able to build up some tolerance. How about taking a tiny sip of tea and then just ''forgetting" it in social situations? Lemonade instead of coke?

eurochick Wed 26-Mar-14 15:56:39

Start trying some early in the morning (I generally don't do caffeine after lunch as I am quite sensitive to it too).

hashtagwhatever Wed 26-Mar-14 15:58:36

Possibly carry your own sachets of coffee/tea bags. Still able to take the offer of tea or coffee just using your own supply.

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