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Pleuratic chest pain - recovery time??

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MrsCR Tue 25-Mar-14 13:09:21

About 3 weeks ago I ended up in A&E (after 3 trips to the Drs and two lots of AntiBs) with severe chest pains when I breathed in and a nasty cough. It had been going on for weeks and would improve a little then get worse. Got some stronger antiBs at the hospital, chest pains cleared in a few days and cough improved. Lots of rest and started to feel better.

Follow up appt with Dr after 10 days said infection/ lungs were pretty much clear, I had a torn rib muscle from coughing so no heavy lifting and pain killers should help.

Here I am another 2 weeks later and Im getting a milder version of the chest pain back again - since last Thursday off and on, but more on than off. No where near as severe as A&E night, but really uncomfortable. Pain killers aren't stopping it, Ive been on light duties and resting up but Im still having to sleep sitting up, get breathless if I talk a lot (!) and it starts to hurt if I exert myself in any way (increase my breathing rate)

Question is - is this normal for recovery if youve had a 'serious' lung infection? Is it just time, am I being too hasty? Last thing I want in more AntiBs or to see another Dr to tell them the sorry tale but its starting to bug me as I just cant shake it. Pah! Sorry, epic!!

Cocolepew Tue 25-Mar-14 13:16:44

Im on my 8th week off work with pleurisy, Im going back on Monday . mine us different in the fact that mine is due to Lupus, so no infection and I didnt have a cough. I did have severe breathing problems though .

Im still getting pain and it feels a bit swollen.

If you are finding your breathing is affected or your heart rate rises, you need to contact your dr. They need to rule out a clot (sorry ! )

Hmm, chest pain - not unreasonable to pop back to the GP, especially if it got better but now is getting worse again or grumbling on in the background.

MrsCR Tue 25-Mar-14 13:33:57

off to take some aspirin coco

this is the thing, it grumbles along in the back ground and I just dont feel like I'm back to normal still.

feels like a pointy stab, or stitch in the middle of my chest. Worse when I do cough which is not as bad as it was.

Im not used to being ill ill, usually you just get on with it but it keeps beating me this time. Soooooo frustrating!!

Cocolepew Tue 25-Mar-14 13:40:19

My mum pulled muscles coughing and was in agony, took her weeks to feel right.
Are you coughing anything up?

Really dont leave it , if you think it is getting worse again its best to go back to see the dr. I was sick off the sight of mine . I went more times in 5 weeks than I had in 5 years!

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