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Sudden, severe tinnitus, poss related to new hearing aids? Or...?

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phdlife Tue 25-Mar-14 11:16:43

I've occasionally had mild, minor tinnitus over the years but it's really only bothered me when I'm exhausted or stressed and even then, nothing like it is now.

However 10 days ago I got hearing aids for mild-moderate loss in the mid-ranges, and now my head is permanently as though I've just come out of a nightclub after several hours.

Audiologist has probably close to 30 years experience and a phd and she's scratching her head. Says although she's heard of people who already had tinnitus finding it worse when they take their aids out, she's never heard of it going from 0-60 in such a short time.

Is there anything else it could be? Anyone, any suggestions?

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