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pain in both feet.

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hashtagwhatever Mon 24-Mar-14 21:28:48

I have been unwell for a few years no definite diagnosis as of yet. Thyroid problems unmedicated.

A diagnosis of arthopathy due to the thyroid problem.
I feel bruised mainly lower back, ribs really sore to touch.

Last few weeks I've had awful pain in the arch of both my feet, it hurts to walk and when they are rested it feels like when the muscle locks in the arch. Coutinously. I am not able to get a drs appointment untill next week.

Does anybody recognise this?. What could it be.

Thank you

SugarPlumpFairy3 Mon 24-Mar-14 21:38:50

It may be plantar fasciitis.

MoreBeta Mon 24-Mar-14 21:47:31

harshtag - do you have any bowel problems?

I ask because I suffer from severe gluten intolerance and before diagnosis my feet hurt a lot. I was severely ill in the end after many years.

In reflexology your bowel/stomach is located in the arch of your feet. I know this all sounds a bit woo and alternative medicine but when I am unwell even now my feet still hurt. Walking on a cold hard tile floor with bare feet was excrutiating. I also used to get that feeling of being 'bruised' in my ribs due to being swollen with fluid.

This sounds to me like a symptom of a wider health issue. Have you had a proper diagnosis or going to get one?

hashtagwhatever Mon 24-Mar-14 22:02:26


I am hoping for a proper diagnosis soon it has been a long time coming. I have very loose bowels and constantly on iron supplements which as I understand udually have the reverse affect

I had a negative coeliac blood test recently think it was IGA test?

hashtagwhatever Mon 24-Mar-14 22:03:47

I also have tiled floors it hurts real bad bare feet.

MoreBeta Tue 25-Mar-14 17:03:55

hastag - I am negative coeliac too. Was housebound and unable to walk far in the end. I stopped eating wheat and put myself on a strict diet and my health dramatically improved but not completely.

You need a proper diagnosis.

I would suggest you talk to your GP about the possibility you may have an autoimmune condition. Coeliac is just one of many autoimmune conditions. Autoimmune problems can cause your thyroid problem, your arthritis and your bowel problems. It is a very complex area and hard to diagnose without the right specialists.

I have a wide range of conditions and took many years to diagnose.

hashtagwhatever Tue 25-Mar-14 17:39:47

Thanks morebeta

I do have a autoimmune disease. I have hashimoto thyroiditis but all along I have had euthyroid lab results.
I have seen a rheumatologist and neurologist and endocrinologist and have had a clear mri and Ana. So still none of the wiser as to why I feel so rubbish. Its like nobody puts any two symptoms together just diagnose each problem separately. I thinkits all one underlying

I have actually managed to get a cancellation appointment with gp today. Who has now referred me to a shropodist for my feet but that doesn't explain any other symptoms. Im losing the will to live here its like banging my head off a brick wall.

Thanks again for replying. I think my friends and familyare sick of listening to me.

MoreBeta Tue 25-Mar-14 22:25:23

hashtag - this is very typical. I spent about 15 years getting more and more ill. All the consultants are in their little specialism and no one puts any of the symptoms together.

I was going to mention Hashimotos and this all makes sense now. By the sound of thins you have a widespread autoimmune problem. I am not doctor but its surely pretty obvious if yiu have been diagnosed with Hashimotos?

My autoimmune condition has widespread impacts. I have osteopenia due to malabsorption of calcium and vitamins. Arthritis in my wrists. My hands and feet go numb. Lots of bowel symptoms. I have had constant pain in my bladder since about 1992 (that was the first symptom). Minor things like ingrowing hairs and my skin splits open. I am exhausted some days and find it really hard to concentrate. All my joints and muscles hurt when I get up out of bed. I have fallen over a few times as my balance is not good and I drop things a lot.

It goes on and on. You really need a proper autoimmune consultant to look at your whole list of symptoms. Push your GP to get you in front of that right person - not a chiropodist. I had something similar when they sent me to a psychiatrist and put me on valium. They thought I was making up my symptoms and it was all in my head!

Yes your friends and family will not be very sympathetic. My DW has been an absolute rock for me. Without her I think I would have gone under. I am a lot better now I know how to manage my symptoms.

You can be better than you are but I do think you need to figure out what is triggering the bowel symptoms. Being anaemic is really not a good sign. You must demand your GP stops treating individual symptoms and get him/her to look at the whole picture.

hashtagwhatever Wed 26-Mar-14 11:06:13

15 YEARS, gosh that's awful.

I saw a different Gp yesterday as it was a cancellation appointment. The main gp I see has said she would like further investigation into the low iron, as I take supplements continously of late which stops me being anemic but last bloods taken I have a very low ferritin.

My understanding is I'm either bleeding somewhere or not absorbing the correct nutrients/vitamins through the intestines. I really thought the rheumatologist would help but I didn't get to speak. It was all quick fired questions like she was trying to get patients in and out. I am due to see them again as well as the neurologist. Im hoping something is spotted this time around as im running out of ideas as to what it can be my endocrinologist says nothing of my symptoms are from my thyroid /:

Im glad you have your dw for support its needed because living like this is hellish. Thank you for answering its a little comfort to know somebody has been through similar.

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