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Too much B12??

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kissmelittleass Mon 24-Mar-14 18:27:27

Got my blood results today and nurse said my iron level was 12.0 and my B12 level was too high at 8.4 told her I was defecient in B12 years ago and since then have taken one B12 tablet daily so she told me to stop taking it and that was that said it didn't need following up! .Am vegetarian so can't believe its gone too high..anyone else had this? I have only heard of too low B12, googled it and see too high levels have been linked to cancer am scared now : thought I was preventing defeciency as I was so ill last time didn't think I could overdo it (((

Idotry Mon 24-Mar-14 19:16:00

I had symptoms of b12 deficiency but was suprised to learn my b12 levels were high.
GP shrugged and wasn't interested in following up despite me continuing to feel awful.

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