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Thought I had a UTI but feel like I've gone insane

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MsApprehension Mon 24-Mar-14 14:22:22

Is this normal? About 10 days ago I started developing what I thought were the symptoms of a UTI- needed to pee a lot, very tired and a low mood.

I have since completed a course of antibiotics from my GP (even though at this stage I'm not sure any UTI was confirmed by my urine as they never got back to me with any results). The antibiotics made me feel REALLY ill (could hardly get out of bed for three days) but now I don't feel any better.

The reason I'm worried is that before this happened I was really happy and positive, excited about a new home and a holiday, but over night I suddenly can't stop crying and feel this weight pressing down on me. I have absolutely nothing in my life beyond the usual minor work-related annoyances to be worried about. I can't articulate what's wrong. I honestly feel like I've suddenly gone insane. (I also still feel tired and hot and am peeing a lot in the evenings, but this is the least of my concerns really).

Is this to be expected? Does it just mean the antibiotics didn't work or is it something else (not a UTI)?

I'm waiting for the GP to call me back but if anyone can reassure me I would really appreciate it.

MsApprehension Mon 24-Mar-14 14:28:21

Sorry, should add- I think I may have had one UTI before but it went after a couple of days by itself and I didn't notice any effect on my mood. This isn't a recurring problem.

secretspy Mon 24-Mar-14 14:30:55

did the gp send a urine sample to the lab? you may need some different antibiotic to clear it.
Some meds can make you feel a bit loopy or low too but so can infection.
what antibiotic did you have?

Parliamo Mon 24-Mar-14 14:43:11

My mum had something similar, and one of her symptoms was being wide awake and unable to sleep, and she felt really quite low with it. I've had a virus recently and my worst symptom was feeling depressed, I only realised when I was better how low my mood had been. And elderly women get very confused with uti, often with no other major symptoms and get misdiagnosed with dementia. So you're not alone!

I would chase your results at the docs, mum needed 3 lots of different antibiotics to clear it.

Hope you feel better soon.

sunbathe Mon 24-Mar-14 14:45:58

The last uti I had, needed 3 types of antibiotic to even start to clear it and the first was absolutely useless.

It's not 100% gone now.

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