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My reproductive system is a sycophant

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CarrotandCucumber Mon 24-Mar-14 02:21:11

Sorry, just posting to have a moan about my easily-led periods. I'm not sure there's actually anything that can be done (apart from going on the pill, which I don't really want to do), I'm just irritated tonight!

I normally have well behaved, fairly easy periods. A regular cycle, few cramps but not awful, normal heaviness etc. etc.

But if I go and stay with another woman, even if it's just for a couple of days, if she's on her period mine is practically certain to start. It's even happened with somebody I was just spending a lot of time working on a project with (as in 10+ hours a day).

I know they say if women live together your cycles will synchronise, but this is just silly. I've had three events in the last five weeks, all of which it would have been handy not to be on my period for, and all of which I have been (I knew I might be for the first and last as my cycle is closer to five than four weeks, but the middle one I shouldn't have been. But I'd been sharing a hotel room for three nights before it).

So does anybody else have a womb that feels the need to join in with whatever anybody else is doing?

If I were skipping periods I wouldn't mind so much! It's just annoying not being able to predict exactly when I'll be on and I'm slightly worried I'll end up anaemic sad

LettertoHermioneGranger Mon 24-Mar-14 02:33:39

Nothing as severe as you're describing, but before I was on the pill, I did notice my close friends and I tended to "sync up" when spending a lot of time together. I know it shouldn't be true, but it did happen. However, that was always gradual - not a random sudden period because a friend was menstruating, just over some months our bodies seeming to end up on the same cycle.

Have you seen a doctor? Three periods in five weeks isn't normal, and there are medical reasons that could be causing it, far more likely than just being aorund another women. I'm not discounting your theory, I believe it happens to an extent, but I urge you to get checked out to find if there's an underlying cause.

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