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breasts have grown - probably cysts?

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fivecupsoftea Sat 22-Mar-14 12:30:12

I'm 45, both my breasts have grown - I used to be a b cup, am now at d cup. I mentioned it to the doctor in passing when I was there for something else, she wasn't concerned. I was wondering what has caused it - could it be that I have fluid filled cysts - I remember a friend saying she had that. Does it matter? They are not painful or lumpy.

OurMiracle1106 Sat 22-Mar-14 12:34:23

My breasts have grown from a c cup to a dd cup in the last year (im 25) I know When they are growing because they itch something dreadful but there seems to be nothing else wrong. they also feel very hot when they are growing but not painful

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