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How do I cope with migraine & my 13 month old?

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Zatch Fri 21-Mar-14 22:17:06

Currently have migraine - excruciating pain in left temple, nausea, weakness/dizzy.
Really really struggling to function. It was my own fault - brought on from not eating for 2 days plus high levels of stress all whilst on period.
Have a demanding 13month old boy, who screams consistently for attention.
Can't call on anyone - family 3hrs away friends an hour.
Sorry it's so jumbled.
Have taken Panadol eaten a bit of banana and had water.

How can I make this easier? Go away??

JellyBabiesSaveLives Sat 22-Mar-14 09:58:23

Doc told me to take 600g ibuprofen (3 tablets). That's if you can't get to a pharmacy for sumatriptan. Then put cbeebies on, draw curtains, lie down on sofa with eyes shut for as long as poss. Drink plenty of water too.

Zatch Sat 22-Mar-14 13:40:14

Thank you smile it's eased off slightly thank god.

janesnowdon1 Sat 22-Mar-14 16:39:52

Get to your GP asap and get some sumatriptan or maxalt prescribed miracle drugs! You can take 2 paracetomols and 4 ibuprofen as a 1 off (nothing else for 24 hours) on their won on top of a triptan to really cosh the headache. The more painkiller you take in one go the better (rather than spreading them out over 24 hours)


NanaNina Sat 22-Mar-14 19:54:32

I suffered with migraines for years and it really affected my life and GPs said there was only paracetomol which didn't touch it. I went to a homeopath for migraine treatment (but it didn't work) however she was also a GP and said if she was my GP she would be prescribing "one of the triptans" - she wrote down the name and I went to see my GP who calmly commented "yes she's probably right" and prescribed sumatriptan and it really was a wonder drug as janes says. It completelychanged my life, because I could be pain free in 2 hours and not really any side effects.

I know now that the reason the GP wasn't prescribing it is because of the cost (they are about £5 per tab) and this makes me quite angry when I think back to how I suffered. You can buy sumatriptan (trade name imigram) over the counter but it's expensive and there are only 2 pills in the pack I think. There is no reason why your GP should not prescribe them. The senior partner of the practice called me in 3 or 4 times and sent me to hospital for something to prevent the migraine but none of them worked. He admitted this was a high cost drug but wouldn't admit that's why he kept sending me to a neurologist who confirmed I had migraine (!) and prescribed several different drugs to prevent the attacks.

I grew out of it finally when I was about 65 I think.

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