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**Tamoxigang counting down to Easter eggs- thread 48**

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BetsyBoop Fri 21-Mar-14 20:05:40

throws some hot cross buns on the trolley

MomOfTwoGirls2 Fri 16-May-14 22:09:48

Oops got my W names mixed up. That was to Wee, not Wren...

MomOfTwoGirls2 Fri 16-May-14 22:07:55

Thanks for all the nice comments about my hair!! I was late for school collection, so will have to wait to face that on Monday...
DD1 didn't recognise me! Dd2 didn't like it at first but has since got use to it.

wren delighted that you are going to the match. I hope your team wins!!

mrs a few drinks is more important than ever! Red wine is my drink, and I now drink less than I used to. During chemo I didn't drink while on steroids, and had several days where everything tasted bad. I knew my window for alcohol consumption by heart. Thurs week 2 until night before next chemo. I used to look forward to it!
I got that same advise on here at start of my journey. And my lovely Onc agreed.
Regarding healthy eating, I only made a few changes. Mostly including more fruit (especially blueberries and strawberries ) and veg. I'm also trying to drink more water and less tea.
And I'm on an exercise binge at the moment.
I really hope I can keep up my new good habits...

wineoclocktimeye Fri 16-May-14 19:56:15

Oh I'm so pleased for you that you're going wee, I'll keep an eye on the score for you.

Enjoy your weekends everyone, I've taken to having a drink on a Friday night but with the op on Tuesday, I'm being good this week, so if you're having a tipple, have one for me pleasesmile

weebarra Fri 16-May-14 19:10:50

It is - but I'm going!! I feel ok, and football matches are seated these days so should last the 90minutes!

ConsiderablyBiggerBuns Fri 16-May-14 19:06:56

Late to the party here, but mom thank you so much for sharing your photo, I too think that is excellent growth for two months and not an eye brow raising look at all. Interested to know what you looked like in your wig now.
mrs another advocate for a drink if you feel like it. To be honest, sensible eating has gone of the window for me a bit at the moment in my current 'life's too short' attitude, however, it is also too short to have a behind as large as mine so will need to do something a bit healthier soon.
Glorious weather here, having to cope with my DH losing a close relative this week and getting the cat spayed so no time to worry about impending treatment plans.
Good luck for your team tomorrow wee. Hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy the match - is it televised wherever you are?

IamtheZombie Fri 16-May-14 19:04:11


Lilymaid Fri 16-May-14 18:49:09

I've started a new thread ( in general Health tamoxigang thread 49 Sumer is y cumen in ....) and then realised I don' t know how to link when using my iPad!

Lilymaid Fri 16-May-14 18:40:26

Drink - no idea about rads but chemo makes a lot of drinks taste awful. My traditional return from work NZ Sauvignon Blanc now tastes like wine tastes the first time you drink wine!
However I find champagne is still palatable .... Hic!

foofooyeah Fri 16-May-14 18:39:12

And me, had an awful moment last week when I didn't fancy alcohol at all, but fortunately this has now passed.

weebarra Fri 16-May-14 18:34:14

Me too!

malteserzz Fri 16-May-14 17:37:59

I still drink, keeps me sane !

kitkat1967 Fri 16-May-14 17:36:42

mrsrhodg - I don;t drink so this hasn't been relevant to me but the general wisdom on here seems to be to do whatever you want. If you have chemo you get weeks when everything tastes awful so make the most of the good times grin. Don't drink on the morning of your Op however wink

mrsrhodgilbert Fri 16-May-14 17:32:51

I've spent the last few days preparing meals to freeze/ microwave for next week. Our kitchen is being ripped out on Monday as if having surgery isn't enough to deal with. Will spend the weekend emptying cupboards. It's giving me something else to think about.

I don't know whether its ok to have the odd drink or not. Did you suddenly stop the G&Ts etc and become very health conscious? I think we eat pretty well but does all pleasure have to stop?

malteserzz Fri 16-May-14 16:35:16

We're nearly at the end of this thread could someone more technical than me start a new one pretty please !

malteserzz Fri 16-May-14 16:33:57

Hope the school run went well mom smile

Speedypenguin Fri 16-May-14 16:19:54

Mom. Your hair looks fab.

Mummywheel Fri 16-May-14 15:29:59

Mom I was just about to say the same thing as Wren It's very encouraging to see and just after 8 weeks smile

Wren48 Fri 16-May-14 14:31:15

Mom! You have hair! I'm so excited (speaking as a non haired person). All that in 8 weeks. Looks great and gives me some cheer... I squint at my mini mini hairs on a daily basis and just can't wait....

kitkat1967 Fri 16-May-14 13:57:20

Mom - I think you have great growth for only 8 weeks post chemo. You certainly have nothing to worry about going out like that. Great timing for a heat wave.

traviata Fri 16-May-14 13:51:01

another one here to say - your hair looks great, and I am really encouraged about the possible speed of future re-growth from seeing you. I guess you're pleased to have a cooler wig-free head now the weather has started to warm up.

zippyswife Fri 16-May-14 13:31:23

mom I second what mrs has said. I really wouldn't look twice (as mrs said in the nicest possible way). Your hair looks great (and very similar to the colour and style I had myself a few years ago).

mrsrhodgilbert Fri 16-May-14 13:26:23

It's strange isn't it, because I don't know what you looked like before, but I wouldn't look twice, as a stranger ( I mean that in the nicest possible way) and am quite pleased to see how much hair you have after two months. I'm sure it must be much more comfortable. I hope you get only smiles.

malteserzz Fri 16-May-14 11:57:48

Mom good for you, you'll probably feel a bit self conscious the first time you see people but then it will be fine. You'll look great with a pair of shades and it's so good to go out without a wig again smile

yotty Fri 16-May-14 11:39:56

Mom of 2, good for you. It's pretty warm here today so I'm sure going without a wig would be a lot cooler. Your hair looks great. Go for it.

MomOfTwoGirls2 Fri 16-May-14 11:31:05

Ditching the wig today. Not the most flattering style! And not sure about the colour, will go darker next time. Only 8 weeks after chemo, so it's coming along...

But have to say I'm nervous about turning up at school gate without wig... At least it's sunny so I'll be wearing dark sun glasses!

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