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Do i need to seek help for this

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midnightagents Fri 21-Mar-14 13:44:05

I have form for being a bit of a hypocondriack, suffering badly with mh issues like depression and anxiety so though i should post here to reassure myself.

I think i might have a urinary tract infection, except apart from a few painful wee's and stomach cramps all the usual symptoms i get arent there. Instead im so cold and shivery, literally can t warm up, got lots of jumpers on, in bed, taken as much medication as i can (paracetemol and ibiprofuen). Temperature on dds ear thermometer (in my ear) is only measuring a few .0 below where it should be. Other symptoms are freezing hands, pressure in head, dizzy. I wouldnt normally be this worried accept im home supposedly looking after dd (3 and a hlf) by myself today. Dp doesnt get back from work until 10;30. Im worried that if it gets any worse, or i pass out or have a fit or something she'll be stuck til then sad sad I dont know if any of this is likely or not or just being over imaginative. Please someone in the know about these things give me some advice. Thank-you

VestaCurry Fri 21-Mar-14 13:50:40

You can ring your surgery and say you think you might have a UTI so can you pick up a test vial. You need to ask them when they send the vials off for testing (probably morning), so you need to do your wee at the right time and drop the test in to the surgery. The results are usually available 24/48 hours later - you can ring up for them, although you may get a call telling you to see GP for antibiotics because a UTI was detected.
This is how my surgery does it, yours may be different but it's a good system because you don't need to see a GP first.
Anyway, you have every right to get this checked, UTI's can become serious and need to be treated.

midnightagents Fri 21-Mar-14 13:56:21

That is a good system, i wish i had a way of getting to the surgery, i physically dont think i could there. I dont drive, could call a taxi but im worried about dragging dd out the house with me when im not in a cabable state to look after her :/ i might ring the surgery to see what they suggest though. Thanks for the advice, i guess if it gets any worse later that nhs number is open all night.

VestaCurry Fri 21-Mar-14 14:05:06

Definitely ring the surgery. I honestly don't think you will pass out or have a fit, so try to stay calm about that. Is there anyone who could collect the test from the surgery for you? Or, the surgery could pop one in an envelope, first class and you would get it tomorrow and you can go from there.
Try not to worry too much. Last year, I kept getting UTI symptoms and half the time there was no UTI, then sometimes there was, it was annoying!!

midnightagents Fri 21-Mar-14 14:41:32

Thanks for the reassurance vesta! really appreciate will try and get something sorted.

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