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Warts? On my FACE?!

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Germgirl Fri 21-Mar-14 12:43:22

I've got this weird spot/lump on my forehead, it's about 4mm across, slightly red, raised & lumpy / crusty (although it wasn't crusty till I picked it!)
I've also got a couple more of them elsewhere on my forehead, these ones are the same colour as my skin but still raised & lumpy.
Are they warts? The look like them (Google images!) but I've never had warts anywhere before.
I was thinking of burning one off with that Wartner stuff but I'm a bit worried about having a big scab in the middle of my forehead!
I know maybe I should see a doctor but it seems such a silly thing & there's a month long wait to see a doc anyway.

DaddysBigTummy Fri 21-Mar-14 12:49:24

My daughter has had flat warts on her face for a year and a half. Doctor kept saying nothing they could do, I took her a few times to GP as they were getting worse and spent many sleepless nights worrying about them. In the end we took her to see a private dermatologist who prescribed a low dose acne cream to irritate them and kickstart her immune system into attacking them and they have got better. Can hardly see them now and she has a cluster of them on her nose so couldn't be in a more obvious place.

KurriKurri Fri 21-Mar-14 13:01:50

For goodness sake don't try and burn them off yourself, you will make a scar. Go to the docs or the practice nurse and ask they may not be warts. There's loads of possible skin problems they could be.

Have they just appeared suddenly?

DaddysBigTummy Fri 21-Mar-14 13:12:57

kurri is definitely right! Please don't put wartner on your face. I would get it checked out even if you have to wait for a month.

Germgirl Fri 21-Mar-14 13:15:48

They've been there a few months but the big one is getting bigger (not helped by me picking it in the hope it would go away) they appeared overnight it seems.
I'll make an appointment.

DaddysBigTummy Fri 21-Mar-14 13:24:53

My daughter's started off small and then the cluster got bigger over a few months. They also seemed to appear overnight. The GP told me they would get bigger and bigger and every new one that appeared would last for two years. The dermatologist told me that is not true and once the body starts to attack them, they will all go.

Germgirl Fri 21-Mar-14 13:27:52

I'm glad your daughters are starting to go, it must be horrible for her.
I'm old & ugly anyway but I don't need bloody warts too!! DH says it's because I'm an evil stepmother. I think he's joking
Ok, I won't attack them with Wartner. I'll see what my GP says.
Thanks ladies.

DaddysBigTummy Fri 21-Mar-14 13:30:11

Ha ha! What a lovely husband! Thanks, I'm glad they are going too. I worried about them all the time and thought they would grow all over her face. Dermatologist was expensive but GP said they won't treat warts on the face so we had no other choice other than pay privately or leave them and see what happens and I didn't want to do that.

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