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I found a lump

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bluesheep Thu 20-Mar-14 20:02:42

I found a lump in my throat nearly two weeks ago, and went to see my gp the next day. She told me it was in my thyroid, and that she'd urgently refer me to radiology to be scanned. I waited for two days, then checked on my appointment, only to find the radiologist had cancelled it. He considered that the lump needed biopsy, and that because you can feel the lump the ultrasound alone would be pointless.

I rang the gp again, and she told me she'd refer me to the surgeons to be biopsied. This was a week ago. Finally today I get my referral letter and, instead of referring me using the two week cancer referral the gp has used Choose & Book. I now have to wait 10 weeks for my initial appointment.

I'm gutted, angry, and frankly shitting myself that this lump is malignant, and the idea of waiting so long is destroying me. It doesn't help that I'm hyperthyroid so I'm shaky and not sleeping as it is.

What should I do? Can I speed this up at all? Any ideas would be very greatly received.

ajandjjmum Thu 20-Mar-14 20:17:43

Speak direct to the GP and let them know how worried/upset you are. Ask her to refer you through the 2 week pathway.

Hope all this worry is about nothing. smile

Badvoc Thu 20-Mar-14 20:18:32

I am sorry you are having such a worrying time.
I think the first point of call should be the gp who initially referred you..they could a) get you an appt sooner or b) tell you why they do not think an urgent referral is necessary.
Good luck.

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