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Deja vu and flashbacks

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Zephyrr13 Sat 28-Sep-19 13:16:30

Hi I also am having these dejavu episodes. I’ve been having them for around 23 years now. I was first diagnosed with a “type of epilepsy “ but because they have changed & gotten more severe over the years(apparently over medicated) they cut all my meds (tegretol,lamotriogene) & told me it’s all in my head because sometimes they’re bought on by stress. I still have these episodes. I get dejavu & images flashing, I feel hot & faint. I pass out , while I’m out I can hear everything around me but can’t move or speak. Occasionally I can feel myself having a seizure. I also get this rotten smell that hits me & makes me wanna vomit, I’m so exhausted afterwards that I can sleep for days so I literally have to force myself to get up & move around or I will sleep for days. I usually have these episodes for three days , they even wake me when I’m sleeping now as before I tried to sleep it off but now I can’t.My daughter is having the same thing & hers started the exact same age mine did. I live in Melbourne Australia & the doctors/epilepsy specialists have no idea here. I’m usually out for a few minutes but my worst one was around 40 minutes, I couldn’t move but could hear everything going on around me. My knees are stuffed from the amount of falls I’ve had. Has anyone actually had the same & had an actual diagnosis?

nippysweetie82 Thu 08-May-14 17:29:28

I saw my GP today and he's going to update the consultant and try to get me an earlier appt.
I took another seizure yesterday whilst walking my younger daughter home from school. It wasn't as bad as the previous one but it felt worse because it happened outside. I didn't think I was going to make it home and to make matters worse I live on the 3rd floor so I was clinging on to the walls trying to get upstairs.
I then suffered another seizure this morning. I had gone to bed just as the tingling in my leg was starting and the cat woke me up at 6am sticking her paw in my mouth! I felt really ill and my head was spinning so it took another hour before I could get out of bed. I think I was probably having a seizure in my sleep and it happened again just after my shower with the usual deja vu.
My daughter said that my head was tilted to the side at a strange angle when she found me. I don't know if that's normal with seizures.

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Musicaltheatremum Tue 06-May-14 22:28:43

A normal EEG does not exclude epilepsy. It would only be abnormal during a seizure or if you had a structural abnormality which your MRI excludes.

nippysweetie82 Tue 06-May-14 13:01:53

Just a quick update. I'm still waiting for a diagnosis and my hospital appointment's been held off until November.
I had another seizure this morning and my 2 kids witnessed it. They say that I was wide eyed and very white looking. My left leg was jerking and I was speaking in gibberish (about being in a shop, buying bread and a holy pig)! I was also holding on to my ears and complaining about the pain and the ringing.
The kids say it lasted no longer than 2 mins but was quite frightening for them to witness. Nearly 5 hours later I still feel a bit shaky but the confused feeling has subsided. I've been getting shooting pains in my head on and off all day and pain in my left leg.
Does anyone else have any experience of ear pain/ head pain with seizures?
I have an appointment to see my GP on Thursday but I'm not really expecting him to do anything, I feel like I'm wasting his time.

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HoleySocksBatman Fri 21-Mar-14 22:18:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nippysweetie82 Fri 21-Mar-14 22:05:26

At the moment about 6 or 7 times per month but for a while I was having seizures daily, sometimes several times a day.
The last time it happened I had the numb feeling down my left side for over an hour afterwards. That's never happened before it usually fades within 10 Minutes.

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trainersandaches Fri 21-Mar-14 21:56:03

Holey I haven't had one since last August, before that it was February and then just after Christmas 2013. So three in a year. I can't even remember the one before that - I think it was the December before.

HoleySocksBatman Fri 21-Mar-14 21:39:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nippysweetie82 Fri 21-Mar-14 21:19:25

I have gone from having a seizure a couple of times a year to having them several times per month. I think I do get them more often when my period's due but it can happen at any time.
I'm more concerned that my memory seems to have been affected and I feel as if I'm in a confused daze a lot of the time. I saw my GP 2 days after the last seizure and I told him that my sister witnessed it. My sister has since told me that she was not there at all, I was obviously still in a confused state!
I have started keeping a diary. My consultant asked me to do that at my last appointment and I've started doing it several times but because my memory's so bad I always lose the diary and have to start again.

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trainersandaches Fri 21-Mar-14 20:50:46

I have had sleep deprived EEGS, MRIs and normal EEGS and nothing has ever been picked up. They often only work if you have a seizure while you're in the room.

Make a note of when you have the seizures - for me it's always the first day of my period.

HoleySocksBatman Fri 21-Mar-14 18:26:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HoleySocksBatman Fri 21-Mar-14 18:25:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nippysweetie82 Fri 21-Mar-14 18:17:33

Thanks for the replies.
I saw my GP again and he's adamant that the EEG is very sensitive and would have picked something up even if I wasn't having a seizure. I find that hard to believe.
Having looked at online forums about temporal lobe epilepsy I do have all the symptoms of simple partial seizures. My GP seems determined to blame my symptoms on nerves. I know that it's not because I can have these episodes at any time without warning.

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HoleySocksBatman Fri 21-Mar-14 11:16:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

trainersandaches Thu 20-Mar-14 22:41:31

OP I have temporal lobe epilepsy and my symptoms are vvv similar.

I only realised I had it when I read an article in Woman magazine. I don't mean to alarm you in any way, it's just that no one knew anything about it when I went to the doctor. If you think this could describe your symptoms, make another appointment with the doctor. I am fine, can usually drive (though not at the moment) and go for several years without episodes.

nippysweetie82 Wed 19-Mar-14 19:11:46

I have been having deja vu episodes with flashbacks, nausea and a tingling feeling up my left side spreading from my leg up to my shoulder. When I have an episode it is always accompanied by a churning feeling in my stomach and it always leaves me feeling confused. I have a recurring memory of a childhood dream and insignificant conversations from childhood come back to me in detail.
My memory seems to have been affected by this. I'm now really forgetful and I have had times when I've forgotten important events(like the fact that I had a new nephew).
I have been seeing a neurologist but don't have another appointment until August. I had an mri scan and EEG. Both came back clear apart from a small cyst on my brain which my consultant assures me would not cause any symptoms.
Does anyone else have any experience of this?

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