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LovelyBath Wed 19-Mar-14 18:16:46

Has anyone had experience of this please? I think I may have it. Have been prescribed some antibiotics from the GP but not sure if they are working yet.

Willdoitinaminute Wed 19-Mar-14 22:21:28

What symptoms have you got? Endocarditis is a serious condition and usually involves hospital admission so not really sure why your GP has only prescribed antibiotics or is Dr Google involved?

LovelyBath Thu 20-Mar-14 14:05:53

The antibiotics are to rule out a chest infection. The pain is in the heart though so I'm worried about endocarditis. Is it possible to treat at home?

LovelyBath Thu 20-Mar-14 14:07:08

Symptoms are pain in heart, fast heart beat (120) general tiredness / malaise, feeling feverish. Had previous infection / sepsis from surgery.

LovelyBath Thu 20-Mar-14 14:08:42

I've got 5 days left of antibiotics to go do you think I should see what happens or ask to go to hospital if it is endocarditis?

magso Thu 20-Mar-14 16:02:04

I am not a doctor but if you have chest pain that has developed since you last saw your gp and were prescribed the antibiotics, it might be best to see the GP again. You gp knows you. Alternatively ring NHS direct.

Willdoitinaminute Thu 20-Mar-14 22:22:38

If you have a history of heart valve disease,have a heart murmur or have had surgery to repair a valve then you may be at risk of endocarditis. Symptoms often develop slowly and include fever/flu -like symptoms that last more than 7 days. If you are being treated for a chest infection I presume your GP listened to your chest and heart. They would be able to tell you if you have a heart murmur and also would be able to assess the risk. Make an appointment to express your concerns.

LovelyBath Fri 21-Mar-14 15:37:22

Thanks I'll do that

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