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Breast Cancer

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VioLetsMum1 Wed 19-Mar-14 14:51:55

Today been chatting with a mature uni friend who's had to undergo a double mastectomy (not sure if spelt right) because of breast cancer. Not sure how we got on to it, but we got chatting how i've been having odd problems with mine and she thinks I should visit the doctor to get checked out. Getting occasionally shooting pain in my left breast to my nipple, and been getting red patches across my chest. They look like i've had a rash or allergic reaction but their not itchy, infact I barely noticed until people pointed it out like my boyfriend or if I was wearing a low cut top in front of someone. Twice now in the past couple of weeks i've felt my nipple leak something a bit, it actually really freaked me out at the time and I ended up taking loads of pregnancy tests. Lol. On my right armpit now there was a tiny lump for about 2 months but I thought it was just a large stubborn spot so kept picking. Thought it was gone but just felt now and can still feel it, its just miniscule. I'm only 19 though its not possible for me to have something like that is it? I'm not sure whether to go or not because I'll feel stupid and like I overreacted to nothing if i go and there's nothing wrong. I just figured it was just hormonal changes and stuff but now having that conversation has put doubt in my mind. I always thought the only symptom of cancer was a big lump on your breast.

malteserzz Wed 19-Mar-14 15:01:44

The chances are that it's nothing serious but I think you'd be wise to go to your go and get it checked out just in case. Breast cancer doesn't always mean a lump, any changes in the breasts should be checked and you'll always have that doubt in your mind if you don't go. Let us know how you get on

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