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Earache - need to make an appointment with the GP?

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paiting Tue 18-Mar-14 00:25:34

None of my children have had earache before so I'm not sure what to do. My 7 year old DC is awake crying with pain in one ear, she also tells me that her teeth and chattering and she does have a slight temperature I think.

The symptoms have only become apparent in the last couple of hours. My first thought is to try and get her an appointment tomorrow. Is it best to get it checked as soon as possible in case it is an infection, or wait to see if it clears up and manage with painkillers in the meantime?

Badmumof3 Tue 18-Mar-14 10:29:57

If you can get an appointment then get her seen. If she's got a temperature above 38 its probably an infection. I wouldn't worry too much as they don't always give antibiotics anyway. If you can't get her seen today dose her up with pain killers, but if the pain is really bad and you can't see your gp, I'd be inlined o go to a walk in clinic if theres one nearby.

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