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obscure q re Rombergs test

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LeapingOverTheWall Mon 17-Mar-14 21:22:43

I saw a neurologist today and had what I thought was a positive Romberg test (in that I fell backwards when standing up with my eyes closed). But when I did the same thing but touched my nose with alternate hands, I didn't fall backwards.

The neurologist is a bit non-communicative (although is sending me for more tests), so I thought I'd try here - does this mean the first test wasn't a true positive, and I'm somehow making it happen? I do have a complicated set of symptoms which we're gradually unpicking as being due to different separate causes, some of which are stress/anxiety, so I'd be really grateful if anyone can clarify what might be going on.


LeapingOverTheWall Tue 18-Mar-14 11:32:37

anyone? Or is it too obscure for MN shock? --or just boring--grin

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