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broken big toe

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eastdulwichbedwetter Mon 17-Mar-14 08:54:26

I dropped a very heavy thick wooden stool on my big toe at the base foot (well my toddler did) and think I may have broken it. It is a little red bruised and swollen and I can't put weight on it. NHS website said to assess it day by day, I mean there's not much aside from taping together (which I did) they can do, right?

I can wiggle it a little but can't bear weight on it at all and it does hurt a bit even when resting. Not excrutiating but nevertheless painful. No cracking and I can't 'feel' a break if you see what I mean.

I didn't fancy a minor injuries clinic on a hot st patrick's day and hobbled to work today but should I go?

Going on a long haul holiday in 2 weeks - eek

To all those who gave advice on the hot oil burn on 20 pct of my hand, thanks, it's healing well.

Yes, I am really clumsy at the moment.

Matildathecat Mon 17-Mar-14 13:49:56

I broke my little toe in a similar fashion several years ago. I did get it rayed because it was a work
Lace injury but otherwise they wouldn't X-ray. Yes, taping and painkillers basically. GP gave me no proven which helped. Whenever you can keep it up with your shoe off. I lived in Uggs for quite a while.

I would chat to your GP because of the long haul flight just in case. I flew short haul a few weeks later which was fine. You might want to consider assistance at the airport, though. Sometimes you walk miles!

And sorry but it ached at night for ages. It has gone now. smile

Matildathecat Mon 17-Mar-14 13:50:30

Work place.

Matildathecat Mon 17-Mar-14 13:51:05

Naproxen. Sorry, bloody ipad.

eastdulwichbedwetter Mon 17-Mar-14 15:44:29

hi, got it xrayed, broken in two places. but should be ok. thanks again.

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