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Protopic usage and a bright day /exposure?Help...

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seoda24 Sun 16-Mar-14 10:19:40

Hi all ,
Am interested to hear from any protopic users out there.I have severe atopic eczema but am doing really well smile) However as the weather was nice and a small bit of sun shining I was outdoors with baby for an hour.That evening eye was swollen and the withered eczema look and tch about it as well as a rash developing all over me.I know my skin well so antihistamines etc used.I know the risks of exposure to sun using protopic but surely a bright mild day for a walk is okay to go out in... If not I have to give up even walking on a bright day ie: sun out no warmth .?? Any experience?? Thanks in advance

stilllearnin Sun 16-Mar-14 17:24:18

seoda I have no info for you -sorry! But my son has had protopic prescribed. The problem is I'm trying to get his skin to a state where it is not open and broken before I start using this. I'm really sorry that I can't answer your question. Could I be cheeky and ask you one though! Have you used the protopic on broken skin - could I go ahead with this? I remember the consultant saying to use sunscreen - or perhaps that would make your skin worse? I was thinking I wouldn't use it on my son's face or hands as these are controllable through emollient. He wouldn't show the rest of his skin- he hates it! sorry again but would be grateful for any advice.

seoda24 Sun 16-Mar-14 19:25:48

Oh course I will help you! First of all I am sorry for your poor son.I am at a stage now thankfully where my skin is not broken or open to infection.That was a long road... prior to this I was on steroids oral and creams, antivirals, antibiotics, antihistamines and most importantly treating my skin in the bath.I don't know what stage your son is at in his road but I was not good either when I started protopic.I was certainly not put on it until infection etc cleared up.I really hope you are under a good specialist as I was fed up of GP not having a clue... as regards sun cream, I have yet to find one that suits but eczema is so individualised what works for one may cause a reaction for the other.What is your son currently being treated with? Hope I sort of answered your questionsmile

stilllearnin Mon 17-Mar-14 09:58:56

Thank you. He is 13 so there is a bit of a psychological side now to accepting he has this. He has a great GP who's also a derm specialist. We took him out of school so she had to refer him to a specialist who said the GP knew more! The only thing that works is elecon but then you get the steroid withdrawal so he's supposed to step down to eumovate but that makes it worse. He uses epaderm, dermal in the bath. I haven't managed to get him in wet wraps for 6 months. I've had the pro topic cream foray be 6 months too - it's unopened! He's off antihistamine as all types made him drowsy. Anti biotics worked too but he had around 9 in a year and in the end he was so ill. I really wish there was some sort of teenage support though as he now won't let me see his skin apart from his face which his ok ish. He has long hair so I catch glimpses of his ears! He wants to go back to school so I'd love to get some improvement. Have you recovered from the reaction to the sun?

seoda24 Mon 17-Mar-14 11:15:10

Oh it is interesting to hear similar stories.I feel for him as I was out if work with mine when I was bad so it must be awful for a teenager.Hope the protopic works.It certainly has given me a new life smile In saying that others may differ.I am not sure about long term use of it either but I have yet to find a moisturiser that agrees with me.I settled down from sun reaction but as I said it wasn't even sunny just normal !! that is bothering me that reaction so I must address it with consultant.I do not go out in summer due to skin/ hayfever so I am wondering if I have become more intolerant.Hope your son improves smile

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