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should i just wait or go back to the docs?

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mymatemax Fri 14-Mar-14 19:49:39

Over the last 6 -12 months my periods have been getting heavier & more painful to the point where they are preventing me from leaving the house (without going in to too much detail).
Went to the GP who did blood test & internal ultrasound
Both came back normal
She said its just body changes & prescribed the mini pill to try & help calm things down.
Since starting the pill I've had what was a relatively normal period (but smelly which is unusual for me)
Followed by several days of brown & blood stained mucus discharge & now another full on period just 7 days after finishing the last one with awful backache, which I don't usually get.

Is there any point going back to the docs or do I just need to give it chance for the pill to get in to my system & the hormones to sort themselves out.

Other than that I feel good

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