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Raised lymph nodes-Consultant is sending me for ultra sound on neck and abdomen....worried

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letdownandhangingaround Fri 14-Mar-14 18:44:39


So I have had a couple of small raised glands on the side of my neck since last summer (which I posted about on here a couple of weeks a go), but then a couple of months a go, I felt a bigger gland an inch or so further down. I went to my gp and she could feel them, but said because I'd recently had a virus, she wanted to see me again in a couple of weeks, to check if they'd gone down, as then we'd know that that's why they were raised. I knew they wouldn't go down because I've had them for so long.

I had some blood tests a few months a go as I was feeling constantly tired and I had zero energy. Came back I was quite severely anemic and I was put on iron tablets, which instantly made me feel better. My next blood test came back and my iron levels were back to normal, which was good, but my white blood cells count was slightly low. I had another blood test a few weeks later and everything was back to normal, which was a relief.

When I got these results, my gp checked my glands again and agreed that they were still quite swollen and referred me to a haemotologist. I saw her yesterday and she could feel the glands and suggested that I have an ultra sound scan on my neck, which I was expecting, but also a scan of my abdomen. I was told this would take a couple of weeks. They took some blood tests too. I got a phone call this afternoon from the hospital asking me to come in for a abdomen scan on sunday. I got really scared because I was told it would be a couple of weeks at least. These blood tests they took were much more extensive than the ones my gp took, so I'm worried they've come back abnormal and that's why they've asked me to come in so quick.

Feel like this worrying has been going on forever.

Anybody had experience with this?

Thank you

Harumff Fri 14-Mar-14 19:19:49

Hi, I have a similar-ish story...
I've been feeling really tired, aches, dizzy etc and had blood tests in November which showed I was anaemic and had low white blood cells. Given iron which helped the anaemia but not the white cells and hasn't made me feel any better.
I too got referred to a haematologist who I saw on Monday. He said he didn't think it was anything sinister but they took god knows how much blood for various tests and I'm also having an ultrasound of my abdomen. Not my neck but then there were no glands that the doctor could feel. He told me the blood tests and ultrasound were all standard when investing blood disorders. I got a call Monday afternoon to arrange my ultrasound and I have it on Tuesday coming. Not quite as quickly but still quicker than I was expecting.
Hopefully it's all just precautionary for both of us!

letdownandhangingaround Fri 14-Mar-14 19:33:12

Thanks Harumff

Can I ask, did the dizzy spells, fatigue etc, stop when you took the iron?

I've heard that low white blood cells, can actually be genetic and also you can have low white blood cells if you've been getting over a bug or virus, so hopefully yours is one of the two smile

Harumff Fri 14-Mar-14 19:41:46

They only improved slightly, I was surprised when they said my iron levels were ok now.
Not a virus I don't think as I've been tested in November, January, February and march and although they've fluctuated a little they've always been low that time.
The dr did say it might just be 'one of those things' and he may not find an answer. I'm glad they're doing all the tests they are though!
Hope Sunday goes ok. I can't eat for 6 hours before mine, is it the same for you? It's at 3 o clock so I'm going to be starving!!

letdownandhangingaround Fri 14-Mar-14 20:35:25

I suppose most doctors will err on the side of caution, which is obviously a good thing.

I think maybe the tone of the nurse who rang to confirm my scan got me even more anxious. She kind of made it sound urgent and as you can relate to, all sorts were going through my mind.

I had a cancer scare a couple of years a go and it really shook me up. It went on for months and months. Biopsies taken, blood tests, again and again. It was awful. I think maybe there's an element of is my luck running out?.... Not a good frame of mind, but I guess it's hard to change that mind set.

Mine is at the same time as yours! I was also slightly concerned about the no food for 6 hours grin I guess I'll be having a big breakfast!

I hope Tuesday goes well for you too

Harumff Fri 14-Mar-14 21:10:04

I know, it's difficult not to worry and google... My sister is going through chemo for breast cancer at the minute so cancer is at the fore front of my mind.
Fingers crossed we're both worrying about nothing and get to relax soon :-)

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