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Odd sensations in the old womb - what could it be?

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BusyCee Wed 12-Mar-14 23:06:26

Obvs I'm off to the drs for a chat, but thought someone might have done ideas here (Dr can be sketchy).

That's it really; I have an odd sensation in my womb. A bit like period pain (you know, that crampy, pulling sensation). Makes me feel tired and a bit sick, but not agony at all. Not even worth a couple if paracetamol. But it has been going on for a good couple of weeks. I'm actively TTC at the mo, while still BFing 8mo DS2, but x2 pg tests say not (I wondered if I was, as had cramping with all previous pregnancies).

Could it placenta scar healing still? Or the fibroid growing post-partum? I have no idea. Am sure dr won't either and will refer me for a scan which will take 8wks to book, so if you have any ideas, pls let me know

BusyCee Thu 13-Mar-14 06:52:24


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