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Morton's neuroma - does anyone have any experience? Surgery success stories?

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Quinteszilla Wed 12-Mar-14 23:00:07

My poor sister, who has so many other health problems have just been told she has this in one foot.

Is there anything she can do to get better?

Clake66 Thu 13-Mar-14 00:20:37

Painful! Usually a Simple surgery to fix. Usually day case. Can be done under a local anaesthetic block if a general anaesthetic a problem. Occasionally can recur mainly due to not following the post op instructions to not over exert. If I had one I would get it done. But your sister would need to take medical advice due to her medical needs. Risks of anaesthetic may outweigh benefit and possibly something for her shoes may be all that can help to relieve the pressure.

OneEggIsAnOeuf Thu 13-Mar-14 11:24:53

I have one in each foot (though apparently it is only meant to affect one!). First thing to try are some inserts - i've had a pretty good result with these. She will need to wear one in both shoes, even if only one is affected. There are also calf stretches that you can do that are meant to help, as does avoiding narrow fitting shoes. I've found wearing shoes with a hard base like clogs are better than cushioned soles as they allow the foot to spread and relieve the pressure.

Next course of action is usually steroid injections. Surgery is usually offered after this has been tried (though of course that can vary depending on where you are). You can also have the neuroma frozen but i don't think that is available on the nhs.

Bar surgery it is a case of managing it rather than curing it, and surgery is not always effective. I may go for it in the future but am finding it is manageable doing all of the above, most of the time anyway. She has my sympathy - it can be bloody painful.

NanTheWiser Thu 13-Mar-14 11:53:54

I shall watch this with interest. I have a hospital app. next week to see if that is my problem. At the moment mine is very mild, only occurring when I've been walking for a couple of hours - and if it gets no worse than that I can put up with it. If inserts are going to help, then I'll be quite happy with that, and hopeful never to need surgery.

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