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Could bad smell and bleeding be Mirena related ?

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madchocolatemum48 Wed 12-Mar-14 16:43:15

I have developed this really bad odour from my vagina in the last 5/6 months. It's not fishy more like a really strong semen smell. Disgusting I know.As though something has gone past it's sell by date kind of smell.

Had the mirena coil fitted 4 years ago and after about a year my periods stopped. Now I have started lightly bleeding. I know there must be a connection between that and my delightful new eau de stink

Anyone help me connect the dots? I've been reading a few thread on here about the mirena coil and after thinking the symptoms could be menopausal ( I'm 49), I'm now wondering if it's the coil.

Can they Go bad?

lookingfoxy Wed 12-Mar-14 22:56:29

Yes they can.
My first coil was a dream, 2nd coil I got 'the smell' it was bv.
Just google bv and mirena coil together and you'll see.
I got mine out but the infection returns every time I get a period so must be linked to my hormones.
I don't think my gp knows what else to do apart from give me antibiotics or gel.
Best get down to your doctor and let them sort it out.

madchocolatemum48 Thu 13-Mar-14 08:17:25

Been reading about Mirena and I am so freaked out.
When I think of how I've been feeling since I had the coil inserted I can relate to a lot of the problems other users have mentioned.

Weight gain, zero sex drive, apathy, depression, angry, sadness, panic attacks, the list goes on. Now with the added stench and bleeding.

I feel I have aged dramatically over the last four years, I was always complimented on how well I looked for my age, not now.
When I think about it I feel like sh!# most of the time.

I have thought I may be menopausal but now I'm not so sure.
My family made a big move around the same time I had the coil inserted and I have never been happy, so every negative feeling has always been blamed on the move

I have always been able to see the positive in most situations, so feeling so despondent about this huge move we made has really taken a toll on our family.

Could this all be related to the mirena?

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