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possibly vaginal & bowel prolaspe. ..and pregnancy question

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zerbert Tue 11-Mar-14 14:02:07


I think I may have a slight vaginal and bowel/bum prolapse.
I already have a 3 year old..and had a c section with her. I am wanting to get pregnant I've just turned 40.. sad I wan to have another baby before its too I feel I wont have much time to have anymore children..because of my age.

I didn't have this prolapse problem with my first pregnancy. ..I just happen to need a c section for other reasons. baby wasnt in the right position to come out vaginal.

I know i need to see a dr.
I have had drs appointment for this...but get panic attacks and have to cancel the appointment.

My question is..should I try for a baby now...or wait to see what drs say. I feel I am wasting baby making time...

I have an appointment in a month at the hospital as a daypatient. But I worry that's another month to put off trying for a baby. My husband says wait to see what the drs mYbe they can give me something tohelp because I'm not yet pregnant.
But what I have read online..if its a prolaspe. ..and you are already pregnant. .you just have to.make sure you dont get constipated.

What are your thoughts?
If I was 35...I wouldn't worry so much about rushing to get pregnant.

I know women can and doget pregnant and have babies in their 40s...but I worry I may not be so lucky. I got pregnant the firsttime with our 3 year old within 2 months of trying...but we were 3 years younger then.

Thanks for any advice smile

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