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Is this a Migraine?

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missmagnum Mon 10-Mar-14 13:17:38

Felt fine yesterday, suddenly out of the blue at about 10pm last night I become very hot and then projectile vomited twice, immediately felt okay again and temperature returned to normal.

Had a bit of a restless night.

Woke up with a headache, which is getting worse and worse, painkillers are doing nothing, it feels like a vice is on my head, its across the forehead, but right at the base of my head and over my ears too. I am struggling to walk, move about etc. At work at the moment, but its at the point where I am leaving shortly, I can't bear it.

I have had a couple of migraines previously, but not like this one and they have always started with facial blindness. Not sure if the vomiting is connected or not.

Hoping a few hours sleep with sort it out...

SauceForTheGander Mon 10-Mar-14 13:19:32

It could be. I got violent vomiting without headache - is your period due?

CMOTDibbler Mon 10-Mar-14 15:01:06

I get migraines like that - the heat, vomiting and vice are horribly familiar

missmagnum Mon 10-Mar-14 17:23:53

Well 3 hours sleep haven't helped. I don't think I am due on but don't really know as I'm on the mini pill, so they're quite sporadic.

SauceForTheGander Mon 10-Mar-14 17:49:10

Poor you - they are vile. I get then like this 24 hours before my period. Thankfully not for ages but post babies and breast feeding.

Diagonally Mon 10-Mar-14 21:48:16

I get very sick with migraine - usually wake up with one and will be sick for several hours

I often get a headache after I've been sick

It's rubbish because painkillers won't work properly as your duodenum is in spasm and (as far as I understand it from recent googling), food and anything else can't pass through properly from your stomach

I just try and sleep it off or at least lie down in the dark, anyway

I sometimes get visual disturbances rather than headache, but generally I am not sick during those episodes.

Migraine are crap sad

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