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Could this be my gallbladder ?

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ClaraFox Sun 09-Mar-14 21:52:10

Ugh! Have had this weird pain on and off for a little while now. It's kind of in my side, on the right hand side and low ish down... Under my rib cage by about an inch or two.

It's better if I lie and do nothing. It hurts a lot in a pulling, cramping way if I bend over or walk or get up from sitting. I've tried painkillers, hot water bottles and heat patches. I thought at first I'd pulled a muscle but I'm pretty sure this isn't the case.

I'm 42 , normal weight and as far as I know, good health. No medication for anything. Will the doctor laugh me out the surgery? Should I wait and see if it passes? It's not excruciating, just uncomfortable and makes me feel a bit crampy and under the weather plus it means I am struggling to do my usual exercise.


Mirandafart Mon 10-Mar-14 18:02:26

See dr get referred for ultra sound. I am 39 and experienced same pain but none at rest as well as tiredness. Thought it was gall bladder but ultrasound clear. After blood test turns out my vitamin D was very low causing my parathyroid to malfunction. Might be worth you getting it checked :-)

amazinglondon Mon 10-Mar-14 21:54:21

I've had some gallbladder problems. Mine was worse when I took a deep breath and eased when I bent forward. It was actually at its worst when I was lying down. If it is gallbladder, it typically is triggered after eating, but can last hours and you would not normally be able to feel it all the time.

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