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IV Sedation for Oral Surgery

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Danie1022 Sun 09-Mar-14 02:08:01

I had oral surgery today. I've seen this particular oral surgeon before. I've two apecoectomies, two extractions and one bone graft put in under IV sedation with Ketamine with no side effects. I normally laugh going under and i come out of sedation laughing hysterically.

Today, I had to have two extractions, two bone grafts and four post in preparation for crowns that will be added once they've healed. This time around, I, according to the surgeon, pulled the IV out twice while sedated. I have no recollection of this. I pulled the first one out of my right arm. He age me more Ketamine to get me to relax and then started the next one in my right hand. I pulled that one out 15 minutes later and he again had to give me more so he started the third IV in my left hand and strapped down the right one. I apparently made an attempt to pull that one out too. Once I was awake and alert, i noticed I had 3 band aids on my hands and couldn't figure out why. He said he gave me enough Ketamine to put down a race horse but he was able to complete the entire surgery. I apologized for pulling out the IVs. He assured me that it was ok but he's never had a patient who laughed while being sedated with Ketamine and pull their IV out while sedated. My question is how common is it for a patient to pull out their IV while sedated at the dentist's office?

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