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Constant stitch on both sides at bottom of ribs.. not pregnant!

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Sooperswooper Thu 06-Mar-14 10:05:41

Well, at least I am 99.9% certain I'm not!

I only notice it a little when I'm stationary, but when I walk and run it is definitely noticeable- and painful. Just like stitch on both sides at the bottom of the ribcage. It came on R side almost a week ago and then noticed it in both sides from around last Friday but definitely worse pain on right.

Problem is, I'm in training for a marathon which is in just over 4 weeks and I cannot run. Managed a seriously slow one on Monday at about 3 minutes a mile more than I would usually run, but yesterday I had to stop almost immediately and write it off (tried a few times) as it seems impossible to run with constant stitch! It doesn't make me out of breath or anything just bloody painful and gets worse the more i exert myself. No IBS, digestive issues or anything like that in the past and I keep hydrated and eat well. Can't get a GP appointment for a few weeks so not that I'm looking for a diagnosis, but wondered if anyone had experienced similar and what on earth to do about it!

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