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Endometrial ablation

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Muppetsbitch Wed 05-Mar-14 18:34:06

Hello all

Looking for people's experienced of endometrial ablation if you don't mind sharing?

I think I want this done but wanted to sound out thoughts from people first (no one I know in real life has had it done).

I am 38 and have two kids (def dont want more, husband has had snip) but since my second child my periods have got heavier and more painful. First two days are a bloodbath and I am constantly on ibuprofen and I mean constantly, I have to take them every 4 hours, if I allow a gap I am in agony. I also struggle with leaking a d have to change tampon very request.y. Because I have relatively short cycles I am putting up with this quite frequently and it's really effecting my quality of life. I have tried the pill but I didn't really get on with it, dont like the hormones which is why husband had the snip.

So, was the procedure effective for you? Also how easy will it be to get a referral from the gp, bearing in mind I will go private via health insurance so not using nhs resources. If I go in and explain above would I get referred or would I be expected to try other stuff first and, if so, what?

Sorry so long. Any general advice or thoughts appreciated.


doglover Wed 05-Mar-14 20:59:59

I had this done 15 months ago. SOOOO pleased with the results and would definitely recommend it. I, too, had a GP referral but opted to go privately. The actual procedure was fine, and I now have a normal life uninterrupted by horrendously heavy periods.

Go for it!

IamInvisible Wed 05-Mar-14 21:09:18

I had it done when I was 37/38 (can't remember exactly), I am so, so pleased I had it done. I was suffering with really heavy painful periods so my GP referred me for it, she volunteered it, but the hospital bullied me into the Mirena. It was horrible so I had it taken out after 8 or 9 months.

I had severe bleeding after the Mirena was taken out, so another hospital saw me as an emergency. They recommended the ablation and I had it done within weeks. I had back ache for a few days and a watery discharge for a few weeks but that was it.

Since then I have had very light periods. They are a bit heavier now, about 5 years on, but in the beginning I only needed a panty liner and they lasted about 3 days. Now it's about 6 and heavy enough for the smallest tampon in the day and a regular sanitary towel at night.

Have it done and don't look back!

ChickyEgg Sat 08-Mar-14 21:27:26

I had this done at the end of last year. I was very sore for a few weeks and tbh didn't know if it had helped at first as I still had periods. This month has been much better, not heavy bleeding BUT I get all my other period symptoms. Some have started since having the procedure. I now get bloating, stomach cramps and terrible acne but not the heavy bleeding so I'm not sure if I am better off or not. My consultant said I could have an ablation up to two times and then I'd need a hysterectomy. I would not have this done again. If I get a return of the heavy bleeding then I would push for a hysterectomy.

pearlgirl Sat 08-Mar-14 21:34:49

I had one done last summer and am so pleased I did. I had two or three weeks of watery discharge after and have had a couple of very light bleeds since (only for a day) - which is so different from the cramping and flooding that I had before. My gp suggested the mirena but I was seeing the consultant about something else and he suggested it - it was done six weeks later on the NHS. I still get some pre period tenderness and discomfort but my life can continue round that - it is no longer a case of carrying around a spare set of clothes and sitting on waterproof coats when I visit clients.

SoldAtAuction Sat 08-Mar-14 23:04:24

I had it done last October, it has been life changing.
I was in much the same situation, horrendous periods, 36, done having kids, DH has had the snip.
I went to my gp, told him how much blood I was losing, he referred my to the specialist, who said yes right away. She booked the surgeon (she didn't do the procedure itself). I met him, discussed the pros and cons, and booked the hospital date.
On the day of, it was really straight forward, I was home by dinner, and resting. I had a tiny bit of clear discharge for a few days after. There was some achy feeling, like a period cramp, a bit of ibuprofin and I was fine.
I now get a bit of spotting when I would have had a period, barely enough for a liner.

Spinaroo Sat 08-Mar-14 23:13:51

To anyone who has had this done- is it a laser thing? What is the recovery period? On iron for the second time within a year as after bringing rate up it went back down again- I presume due to very heavy ( but not overly painful) periods. Gp said when finished this course we will look at fixing the root- does he mean this? I have had periods like this for about 6 years now after last child. I am 42 now- would it be worth it??

SoldAtAuction Sat 08-Mar-14 23:46:17

There are a few different ways it can be done, I had the NovaSure procedure.
see here
My recovery was a few days.

pearlgirl Sun 09-Mar-14 00:12:26

I also had it done the Novasure way, was a bit tender for a couple of days but only needed a couple of paracetamol and kept going pretty much as normal.

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