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Boob question...

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Woolyhooker Wed 05-Mar-14 12:09:16

One of my breasts is growing bigger than the other, and it's still growing (slowly)

History of being on prostap injection and hrt, now had total hysterectomy and I'm on oestrogen only hrt.

Was seen at the breast clinic back in June and was told nothing to worry about, ask GP to refer to plastics. This was pre hysterectomy too.

My boob has continued to grow, on and off hrt. I'm now at the stage where I'm giving up on bras and wearing a supportive crop top type thing.

Have an appointment at the breast clinic agin as the GP is concerned and thinks the boob should be properly investigated as it's still getting bigger. I can't feel any lumps etc, no redness my nipple has changed the way it points but I feel it's more to do with the growing.

Suppose the the whole reason for my post is to ask if anyone has any ideas on what could be causing it. Hormonal? Cysts? Anything else? Have been on the same hrt throughout, all in about 3 years, the boob growth has been over the past 9ish months.

I'm so self conscious about it now, can disguise it with scarfs and big jackets for now but the better weather is coming sad also worried that it's something serious, or unfixable.

Have visions of me needing a trolley device to carry my boobs around (ha!)

Anyhoo, thanks in advance for any answers or thoughts.

Woolyhooker Sat 08-Mar-14 15:45:33


Elibean Sat 08-Mar-14 17:13:44

Is it just the one growing? Or both, but one more than t'other?

If its both, I'd guess at hrt related...when I was on the progesterone type hrt my boobs grew almost as much as they did when I was pg.

If its one, it could be cysts, could be hormones, could be anything or nothing - but doctor is wise to check it out regardless. You want to know for sure smile

If you had mammos and u/s done at breast clinic last June, thats reassuring. Though worth checking again, as there are (very rare) breast diseases that don't show up on u/s or mammogram.

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