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Kidney pain, swollen feet, kidney infections etc

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TreeHuggerMum1 Mon 03-Mar-14 10:02:09

Hi all, wondering if anyone can shed some light onto my health issues...
Since Aug / sep last year I have had 3 or 4 kidney infections and I am in constant pain which varies from a dull ache to being really sore. I have had a few incidents of swollen feet and yellowing of the whites of my eyes.
I have currently had a CT scan, an ultrasound and many blood and urine tests all of which have come back "normal". No stones or anything like that. My GP is at a loss and my nephrologist (kidney specialist) is running out of ideas.
I am going back to hospital this week to discuss a kidney biopsy but I'm not sure whether this would help if everything else has drawn a blank.
Has anyone else had a similar experience, what was the outcome??
I have been off work for 5 weeks with anxiety and depression and I'm fairly sure that the kidney problems were the beginning of the anx / dep issues.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Mon 03-Mar-14 15:34:41

Glad you have consulted your GP and you have a kidney specialist on board. I normally advise step away from Dr Google but a friend is being investigated for Gilbert's Syndrome.

Good luck with getting a diagnosis, it is often a slow process going through the options, I know it is distressing waiting while they are working to find you a reason for these syptoms.

MoreBeta Mon 03-Mar-14 15:41:54

Treehugger - yellowing of whites of eyes?

Surely your liver and pancreas needs to be looked at? Consultants live in silos and a kidney specialist will not necessarily be looking beyond your kidneys. Your GP will not be thinking beyond your current specialist that he has referred you to unless your specialist discharges you.

I would suggest you go back to GP and get some basic liver function blood tests done.

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