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Kidney stones???

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SnowFrickenWhite Mon 03-Mar-14 02:24:36

Hoping someone can help sad

Discharged from hospital 12 hours ago after a 2 night stay. Doc said i had a kidney stone but nothing showed up on a ct scan or xray so they think it was small enough to pass without me realising.

Only problem is im still in complete agony, im taking morphone pretty much ever hour along with paracetamol and ibprofen every 4 hours. It helps numb the pain but doesnt remove it completely.

Should i be going back to the hospital? Is this normal for stones? Iv never suffered from them before.

LIZS Mon 03-Mar-14 08:30:08

it is normal to be in agony while they pass through but if you need that level of pain relief can you give the ward a ring ?

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