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Prolia injection for oestoporosis treatment?

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Megbeth Sun 02-Mar-14 12:21:17

Has anyone had this? I am not in the UK & it is very expensive as I have to qualify to be over 70 or had a hip fracture to get it on our healthcare. I will have to pay on a private prescription if my Dr says I have to have it.

I am 43 with history of Anorexia. My bone density is very low & I have just had a bone scan done to compare with last year. I have tried other meds but had to stop due to side effects.

I recently fractured my toe but I don't think this will qualify me to get the prescription on our healthcare at a reduced cost. The Dr I saw for my toe wasn't my usual Dr. He suggested trying Prolia. I will be seeing my own Dr in a few weeks time to discuss the results.
Does anyone have this injection? What side effects did you have? I am very sensitive to side effects so I am worried as once it's injected it will carry on systemically. The injection lasts 6 mths.

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