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sacrollic joint

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sweetiepie1979 Sat 01-Mar-14 13:58:06

Does anybody have a lose sacroillic joint or had one? I get physio a lot for it manipulation and acupuncture but its taking ages to heal. So painful sometimes particularly after sitting down. Since giving birth 4 months ago it seems to be getting worse have new Pilates exercises fRom this week to build muscles up in core etc, but can't even begin then as joint has twisted again and struggling to walk nightmare with 2 year old and baby. Anybody any advice? Experience?

ClearlyMoo Sun 02-Mar-14 00:35:49

Hi. I have well dodgy SI joint. Lots of physio. Also bought a Serola belt from physio. Very very helpful. Big strong Velcro thing. Watch video on you tube how to wear. Costs £35 can get online.

FruitbatAuntie Mon 03-Mar-14 17:22:46

God, yes. My SI joints were knackered by my first pregnancy, and I was in agony for about four years after he was born. I tried everything, and tbh only the massive velcro belt thing, physio and strong painkillers helped for me.

It eventually eased off a bit gradually, and when I became pregnant with DS2 I was dreading it returning with a vengeance... but weirdly, it didn't! I was a bit achier there, but no major problems. I still have problems if I overdo things of lift something badly, but it has got so much better than a few years ago.

IndigoBarbie Mon 03-Mar-14 20:49:47

You need to really watch your alignment, I found it best to sit on 'hard' chairs and not sink into the sofa.....
Also, the belts can help support you in the correct alignment, but hormones IMO can play a huge part of getting strength back. 4 months isn't such a long time in my experience, (sorry!!!) but if you need extra assistance, you might want to google for rolfing, or a structural integration practitioner. These are magic workers for bones and tendons etc. Best of luck, and don't overdo anything. I had two loose SI joints, as well as a very loose pelvis....

inthetide Fri 07-Mar-14 14:01:44

I'd definitely agree re. Alignment. I had no idea what proper alignment was until I read the Katysays blog and it has revolutionised my poor loose, wobbly SI joints. After baby 3 I am now mostly pain-free. Still not totally fixed, but I know what to do to fix myself when I need to now. Things you didn't know, like we all sit on out tail bones when the bony bits at the front of our pelvis should all be in the same vertical plane (sitting and standing/walking) and that the bottom of our rib cages should be in that same vertical line. It sounds whacky but it really does help a lot. You identify what muscles are over-tight and holding you out of whack, learn how to release them and you're sorted!

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