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Dentist phobia. Please help me decide!!

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Tillyscoutsmum Fri 28-Feb-14 16:39:48

I have a real phobia of dentists. It's so bad that today, I went for my first check up in over 23 years confusedconfused

I needed to take the dc's and thought I should "man up" and get checked. I was a bit if a wreck. Even for a check up and x-Ray hmm

Anyway, unsurprisingly, I do have some decay in one of my back teeth and need a filling. I can either go to the dentist I saw today and have it done in the usual way (local anaesthetic in the gum) or I can be referred to another practice and be sedated.

Both options fill me with dread tbh. In practical terms, the referral means I'll need someone to drive me home and I won't be able to work/drive etc for 24 hours after. I also liked the dentist I saw today and felt comfortable (ish) with her. Just the thought of being fully awake and having dental work done fills me with dread.

I know I sound utterly pathetic. I'm a 40 year old reasonably intelligent woman FFS. I've had 10lb + babies with no pain relief. I'm not generally such a twat. Honestly hmm

Can anyone relate or offer any advice or experiences please?

DoItTooJulia Fri 28-Feb-14 16:43:38

I hate the dentists with a passion, but wouldn't say I'm phobic,. Because I hate it I go every six months without fail, that way, I'm avoiding big tooth issues is that way I see it.

I recently had to have some work done and was dreading it. It was fine. The local anas. Was fine, a prick in my gum. Honestly. The dentist was lovely, I had a stop sign for if I was uncomfortable, and I got through 45 minutes of drilling etc fine.

Good luck. I wouldn't go for the sedation, but I wouldn't blame you if you did! My advice would be to get it done as quickly as you can. Get it over and done with.

MimsyBorogroves Fri 28-Feb-14 16:59:23

I've a dental phobia and recently had sedation for a wisdom tooth extraction. It was bloody lovely as I remember nothing, but I did feel ropey for 48 hours (though I am on some medication that could have lengthened the time it took to get out of my system)

How are you with needles generally and dental noise? If you went fir regular anaesthetic you wouldn't feel anything and a good dentist will pause if you need a couple of minutes break - but obviously needs to complete the work. If you're fine with needles and the noise (so if your fear is mainly pain based) then go with the local.

Your GP may consider prescribing you valium, as another alternative.

Beastofburden Fri 28-Feb-14 17:02:28

I am not phobic but I do have a gag reflex that has me threatening to vomit over them if they even touch my tongue or go too far into my mouth. I have lived with a broken tooth for 30 years as a result. I managed some dental work last year, when a massive chunk of tooth fell off and left me no alternative, first time in 40 years, by plugging in my iPod and self-hypnotising almost with the music. I listened to it very very intently and it worked well.

Millie2013 Fri 28-Feb-14 17:06:48

Can you compromise and have a word with your GP to see if you can get some diazepam or similar, to take the edge off and avoid the need for IV sedation?

Tillyscoutsmum Fri 28-Feb-14 17:07:56

Thanks all.

I can't even identify exactly what it is that causes the fear. It sounds ridiculous, but having metal in my mouth is just hideous. Just the thought if it makes me feel sick/cringe etc. Even when I eat, I make sure the metal doesn't touch my teeth confused

The iPod might help. Great idea thanks smile I did mention Valium to the dentist, but because I've never taken it before, she wasn't keen on the idea as we have no idea how I'll react to it. I'm thinking maybe a couple of glasses of wine, some rescue remedy and an iPod might get me through it wink I also agree getting it over and done with instead of waiting for a referral and giving myself more time to wind myself up, is a good plan.

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