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Open sore with hard lump inside earlobe

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CourtSport1980 Fri 28-Feb-14 16:04:34

I am 33 and I have never had ear rings. When I was a teen I got this boil ebbing my right ear, I had it lanced and the sac removed. But about a year later I noticed another bump, it acted just like the boil did, and popped and drained. As you can see I have always had problems like this, but about 13 years ago I started getting what I thought was another boil like bump, but this one will not go away. It is hard and won't move. I have tried to pop it with a needle but nothing comes out. Now there is an open sore on the back side of my right earlobe. It has been this way for many years. I also have another lump inside the lobe about 2 cm above the other one that is in the lowest part of the lobe, the part that hangs down. Sometimes my gland in my neck swells up and hurts. And the open sore will crust over and be very painful. I don't have insurance, so going to the doctor has always been for emergencies, but after I started looking this up online I'm kinda scared that it maybe cancer. The reason I fear this, is the fact that it won't heal, even after antibiotic creams, bandages and keeping it as clean and dry as I can. Also I get sick to my stomach and headaches with ringing in my right ear. The pain is all located on the right side. I wear my hair down because the sore can be seen, it's not that big but a little bigger than a pencil eraser. And the lump is a little. Bigger than that, the smaller lump above this is not an open sore but it is solid and won't move when touched.

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